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50 of the Best Fantasy Characters Ever

Dragons and hobbits and heroes, oh my!

best fantasy characters
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Fantasy fiction is full of compelling characters—some of whom we'd love to meet in real life, some of whom we're glad to only know through the pages of a book or on a screen. We've rounded up 50 of The Portalist staff's picks for the best fantasy characters ever. Let us know who your personal faves are in the comments below!

Bilbo Baggins (The Hobbit)

best fantasy characters Bilbo Baggins The Hobbit
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Bilbo was a bearer of the One Ring and is an adoptive uncle to Frodo Baggins. Though he may be small in size, Bilbo has a huge, friendly personality. The tiny hobbit has had so many fantastic adventures that he eventually had to make a written account of them! A lover of books, food, and other comforts of home, Bilbo is a hero that it's easy for readers to identify with. 

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Death (Discworld)

best fantasy characters Discworld death
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Death in Terry Pratchett's Discworld book series isn't your typical grim reaper. He does ride a noble, living steed named Binky, after all. The way Death sees it, his job isn’t to kill, but to collect dead souls and wait for them to be reborn. Throughout the series, Death is a source of hilarious and often disarmingly poignant moments. 

Harry Potter (Harry Potter)

harry potter quotes book cover harry potter and the philosophers stone

The Boy Who Lived is one of the fantasy genre’s greatest gems. The Hogwarts universe is magical and incredible, and the Harry Potter series sparked an interest in fantasy for millions and millions of kids. Let’s face it, the series is at the level of popularity where some people have come to define themselves by their Hogwarts houses!

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Tyrion Lannister (Game of Thrones / A Song of Ice and Fire)

tyrion lannister reading list
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Despite Tyrion being accused for several crimes he didn’t commit, he manages to power through and escape every time. He's formidable, both in intellect and in battle. And although he’s been persecuted for being a dwarf, Tyrion doesn’t let people's opinions about him stop him, which is why we consider him to be such a strong character. 

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best fantasy characters Gandalf
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Anytime the characters of The Lord of the Rings overcame any obstacles, the erudite Gandalf was probably leading the way. With a pointy hat, silvered beard, and unmatchable intellect, Gandalf can be said to be one of the greatest wizards of them all. Gandalf, which literally means “Elf of the Wand,” spent some time living among Elves, learning from and teaching them, until he eventually became the most powerful Istari.

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Roland Deschain (The Dark Tower)

guide to the dark tower the dark tower

Stephen King has often called The Dark Tower his defining work, and most of the book series’ success can be attributed to its unforgettable gun-slinging protagonist Roland Deschain. Roland’s job is to keep the peace in his society, but that task isn’t always an easy one. Though he often appears apathetic, when it comes to his singular purpose of reaching the Dark Tower, Roland is dangerously relentless.

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Karsa Orlong (Malazan)

best fantasy characters Karsa Orlong Malazan

At more than seven feet tall, with impressive muscles and a tattooed face, this young warrior is an intimidating one. From Malazan Book of the Fallen, Karsa belongs to the Uryd tribe that resides on the Genabackis continent, and while he’s a killer, he’s a little more sympathetic than most, since at one point he was linked to the spirits of everyone he slayed.

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beauty and the beast retellings
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  • Photo Credit: Still from "Beauty and the Beast" via Walt Disney Pictures

Belle is intelligent, persistent, and extremely brave, sacrificing her freedom for her father's life. And when the pestering Gaston, along with half the town, marches to the castle yelling “Kill the beast!,” Belle refuses to let anything happen to her prince.

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Mary Poppins (Mary Poppins)

best fantasy characters
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This magical nanny teaches us that with wit, kindness, and a bottomless bag, life can be full of beauty and fun. 

best fantasy characters
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You may or may not have heard of Ali Baba, but he’s a character from One Thousand and One Nights, also known as Arabian Nights, which was one of the first collections of fantasy stories ever published. Ali Baba is just a poor woodcutter, but he becomes a badass when he discovers a thieves’ den, which he enters by saying “Open Sesame”. He subsequently is hunted down by the thieves and must fight them every step of the way to keep the den’s treasure intact. 

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Hermione Granger (Harry Potter)

best fantasy characters Hermione Granger
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  • Photo Credit: Warner Bros.

Nothing could be worse to the studious Hermione Granger than being expelled from Hogwarts, but as the Harry potter series progresses, the Gryffindor trifecta get closer and closer to making Hermione’s fear a reality. We love Hermione for her intellect, and because she’s not afraid to call out Harry and Ron when they’re being ridiculous. Hermione is an indicator that we need more female wizards to grace our pages and screens.

Jareth (Labryinth)

best fantasy characters Jareth
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  • Photo Credit: TriStar Pictures

In the role of Jareth the Goblin King in the 1986 Jim Henson film Labyrinth, David Bowie inspired many a sexual awakening. His fashion sense, musical abilities, and magnetism make Jareth one of the most iconic characters to come out of the dark fantasy films of the '80s. 

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best fantasy characters

The musically gifted protagonist of Patrick Rothfuss' fantasy epic Kingkiller Chronicles is quick witted and independent, with a voracious appetite for learning. He perseveres in the face of unimaginable personal tragedy, and turns to music and learning as a means of providing solace. He makes a compelling protagonist, to say the absolute least.

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Aang (Avatar)

best fantasy characters Aang
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In Avatar the Last Airbender, Aang awakens after hundreds of years to find his people, the peaceful Air Nomads, have been destroyed by the Fire Nation. Aang—still merely 12 years old—has the immense responsibility to end the cataclysmic war, but retains his kindness and good cheer even as he struggles to bear the burden of the expectations he faces. 

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Eowyn (Lord of the Rings)

best fantasy characters Eowyn The Lord of the Rings
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  • Photo Credit: New Line Cinema

Éowyn demonstrates her incredible bravery when—disguised as a man—she takes matters into her own hands and charges into the Battle of the Pelennor Fields, slaying the Witch-King of Angmar. Éowyn’s bravery, compassion, and drive to defy other's expectations of her make her one of the greatest female warriors of all.   

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Ofelia (Pan's Labyrinth)

best fantasy characters Ofelia Pans Labyrinth
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  • Photo Credit: Warner Bros.

It's impossible to keep your heart from breaking over the troubles faced by Ofelia, the protagonist of Guillermo del Toros' Pan's Labyrinth. Sent to live with her stepfather, a powerful member of the fascist army, Ofelia will stop at nothing to protect her family from him, bravely facing monsters—both those in the everyday world, and those of the fantastical labyrinth— to save the people she loves. 

Aragorn (Lord of the Rings)

best fantasy characters Aragorn
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  • Photo Credit: New Line Cinema

Brave, bold, and compassionate, this Ranger of the North will always be our king. 

Dumbledore (Harry Potter)

best fantasy characters ever Dumbledore
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  • Photo Credit: Warner Bros.

Dumbledore could be mercurial, enigmatic, and a little infuriating—but that was just part of the Hogwarts Head Master's considerable charm! He was ultimately a father figure for Harry and many other students, and often sacrificed his own well-being to protect them. 

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best fantasy characters
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  • Photo Credit: Nickelodeon

A reincarnation of Avatar Aang, the powerful Avatar Korra is one of the most badass female characters to ever appear in a Western animated show—and her groundbreaking relationship with Asami left us incredibly emotional. 

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badass female characters Princess Mononoke
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  • Photo Credit: Studio Ghibli

Abandoned by her parents when she was very young, San was raised by wolves, and has a fierce, loyal bond to her wolf family and the forest where she lives. She’s not afraid to die, or kill, to save her home and the animals she loves. But with the help of Prince Ashitaka, she has the strength to gradually acknowledge her humanity as well. 

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Susannah (The Dark Tower)

best fantasy characters Susannah The Dark Tower
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Susannah Dean is the brave, witty, and courageous heroine of Stephen King's The Dark Tower epic. She quickly takes to the life of a gunslinger, but never allows herself to lose her sense of compassion. Ultimately, her ability to be a fierce fighter while also caring for the members of her rag-tag found family are what keep Roland and his clan (or ka-tet) safe from many of Mid-World's dangers. 

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Daenerys Targaryen (A Song of Ice and Fire /Game of Thrones)

best fantasy characters Daenerys Targaryen
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  • Photo Credit: HBO

This bold ruler has been through hell and back, but she hasn't let it bow her. With her dragon children at her side, she's determined to be the ruler of the Seven Kingdoms. And we think she just might succeed!

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Jon Snow (Game of Thrones /A Song of Ice and Fire)

best fantasy characters
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  • Photo Credit: HBO

Generous, brave, and capable of sacrificing for the needs of others like a true leader, we wouldn't mind seeing Jon ruling alongside Dany!

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best fantasy characters Alanna

The protagonist of Tamora Pierce's beloved book series The Lioness Quartet, Alanna switches places with her male twin in order to train as a knight. As she grows from a young page to a grown warrior woman, Alanna faces many dilemmas that, although set in a fantastical world, will resonate with real-life women and girls who have been judged by their gender. 

best fantasy characters Temeraire

The Chinese Imperial dragon from Naomi Novik's book series of the same name, Temeraire is a character it's impossible not to fall for. An aspiring poet and politician who's unfailingly devoted to his captain Laurence, Temeraire is also adamant about doing what he believes to be right, even when it's not the popular decision. 

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Arya Stark (Game of Thrones /A Song of Ice and Fire)

Game of Thrones quotes Arya Stark
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  • Photo Credit: HBO

Arya, the youngest daughter of House Stark, has always been a warrior. From early childhood, she was more interested in practicing swordsmanship than 'acting like a lady.' She’s headstrong, and may just survive the brutal contest over the Iron Throne. 

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Moiraine Damodred (Wheel of Time)

best fantasy characters Moraine Damodred Wheel of Time
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  • Photo Credit: Wheel of Time Wiki

A powerful member of the Aes Sedai, Moiraine's unprecedented achievements are known far and wide. 

Steerpike (Gormenghast)

best fantasy characters Steerpike Gormenghast
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  • Photo Credit: BBC

An antihero in Mervyn Peake's Gormenghast books (and their excellent BBC adaptation), Steerpike is the kind of character you love despite their machinations. A conniving kitchen boy determined to wreak revenge on the class system of the crumbling Gormenghast kingdom, Steerpike is both a tragic figure and a villain. 

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buffy the vampire slayer tv
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  • Photo Credit: 20th Century Fox Television

High school is hard. It's even harder when you're a vampire slayer living in a Hellmouth, but Buffy handles her unique adolescent challenges with kick-butt prowess and immense charm. 

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Willow (Willow)

best fantasy characters Willow
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  • Photo Credit: Metro Goldwyn-Mayer

Willow Ufgood is a kind magician and family man who quickly welcomes the orphaned girl Elora Danan into his family, even without knowing she's the child prophesied to defeat the relentless Queen Bavmorda. He will do anything to protect Elora and the rest of his family, and is eventually—and rightfully—hailed as a hero. 

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Princess Cimorene (The Enchanted Forest Chronicles)

best fantasy characters Princess Cimorene

The headstrong and hilarious princess at the center of Patricia C. Wrede's Enchanted Forest stories, Princess Cimorene decides that royal life isn't to her liking, and braves the perils of the Enchanted Forest to work for the dragon Kazul. 

Shadow Moon (American Gods)

books like american gods
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  • Photo Credit: Still of "American Gods" via Starz

The ex-con protagonist of Neil Gaiman's urban fantasy book American Gods, Shadow Moon is the coolest guy around—heck, he's literally Odin's bodyguard. What's cooler than that? 

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best fantasy characters Falkor The Neverending Story
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  • Photo Credit: Warner Bros.

Who didn't grow up wanting to have Falkor the Luck Dragon as a friend? This gentle flying giant captured the heart of many an 80s and 90s kid.  

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Onyesonwu (Who Fears Death)

best fantasy characters Onyesonwu

Onyesonwu is a young mixed-race girl ostracized by her Okeke community because she's an Ewu—a child conceived when her Okeke mother was raped by a Nuru man. Onyesonwu and her mother and stepfather struggle to find acceptance in their community, but when her stepfather dies, Onyesonwu's grief unlocks an unfathomably powerful magic within her. Her newly discovered magical skills further ostracize her, but also give her the power to possibly bring peace to the Okeke—and defeat the powerful sorcerer Daib. 

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Lafayette (True Blood)

fantasy bars taverns Merlotte's True Blood Lafayette
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  • Photo Credit: HBO

In the HBO adaptation of Charlaine Harris' Sookie Stackhouse novels, Lafayette was ultimately the only character who made the series worth watching. A medium, short order cook, and out gay man, Lafayette boldly takes down bigots in his small town of Bon Temps, Louisiana, and stands up for his friends and his found family whenever they need it. 

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LGBTQIA characters
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  • Photo Credit: Universal Television

A bold, brave, woman-loving-woman, Xena will always hold a special place in our hearts.  

Mr. Moundshroud (The Halloween Tree)

best fantasy characters Mr. Mounshroud

A mysterious, creepy figure who shepherds the heroes of Ray Bradbury's Halloween Tree throughout time and space, Carapace Clavicle Moundshroud is not the kind of character we'd like to meet in a dark alley (especially while trick or treating!). But he's a huge part of an iconic fantasy story, and deserves a spot on this list. 

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Samwise Gamgee (Lord of the Rings)

best fantasy characters Samwise Gamgee
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  • Photo Credit: New Line Cinema

We all wish we could have a loyal friend like Samwise Gamgee. Without Sam's loyalty and courage, the One Ring would never have been destroyed. 

Morgana Le Fay

best fantasy characters Morgana Le Fay
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  • Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Morgana Le Fay from Arthurian legend is often portrayed as a villain, although in early versions of the Camelot tale, she was depicted as a healer rather than an antagonist. Over time, due in large part to medieval Christianity's views on women, she came to be portrayed as explicitly evil. A fascinating figure who has been linked to goddesses from both Irish and Welsh mythology, we find the various ways Morgana Le Fay is depicted in the classics, and in pop culture, to be fascinating.  

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best fantasy characters Ged Wizard of Earthsea

A preternaturally powerful wizard in Ursula K. LeGuin's Earthsea series, Ged grows from a naive young boy into a powerful Archmage determined to prevent the ebb of magical power from Earthsea. His arc is fascinating, and this brilliant series remains one of the greatest additions to fantasy ever. 

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Anomander Rake (Malazan)

best fantasy characters Anomander Rake Malazan

A powerful mage of ridiculously intimidating proportions, Anomander Rake is an iconic character in the Malazan series. 

Pantalaimon (The Golden Compass)

best fantasy characters Pantalaimon The Golden Compass
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  • Photo Credit: Warner Bros.

In Philip Pullman's alternate history fantasy series The Golden Compass, Pantalaimon is the protagonist Lyra's daemon. Able to shape shift (at least, until he eventually settles on a final form), Pan appears throughout the books as everything from a mouse to a dragon. More timid and cowardly than the books' brave protagonist Lyra, Pan sometimes helps keep her safe, and always keeps her company.

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Captain Shakespeare (Stardust)

best fantasy characters Captain Shakespeare
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  • Photo Credit: Paramount Pictures

In Neil Gaiman's exquisite fairy tale Stardust, Captain Shakespeare helms a sky pirate ship that temporarily carries the protagonists. Although Shakespeare's life sailing the high skies might seem idyllic to you or me, he's charmingly infatuated with non-magical life, and takes the name 'Shakespeare' as a tribute to his one and only time visiting outside the Wall in England. Although Shakespeare has a relatively brief appearance in Stardust, his life among the skies is unforgettable.

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Inigo Montoya (The Princess Bride)

best fantasy characters Inigo Montoya
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  • Photo Credit: 20th Century Fox

Inigo Montoya's rugged charm and singular commitment to avenging the death of his father by slaying Count Rugen make him one of the most memorable characters in a story positively brimming with memorable characters. 

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The White Witch (The Chronicles of Narnia)

best fantasy characters ever
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  • Photo Credit: Buena Vista Pictures

Jadis the White Witch from C.S. Lewis' Chronicles of Narnia series has to be one of the most compelling villains ever. I mean ... what's the first thing you associate with Turkish delights? 

Frog and Toad (Frog and Toad)

best fantasy characters ever Frog and Toad

Perhaps we're cheating by putting two characters in one entry, but Frog's stories wouldn't be complete without Toad and vice versa. These adorably domestic amphibians from Arnold Lobel's series of classic children's stories allow young readers to learn about the joy and sadness inherent in relationships. Given that Lobel was a gay man, many readers believe Frog and Toad were coded as a gay couple. Considering how rare it is for LGBTQIA relationships to be depicted positively in media, that interpretation makes the kindness and love Frog and Toad demonstrate for each other even more touching.  

Hagrid (Harry Potter)

best fantasy characters Hagrid Harry Potter
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  • Photo Credit: Warner Bros.

I don't know anyone whose heart wasn't almost instantly captured by Hagrid arriving at Privet Drive with a tiny Harry on his motorbike. A gentle giant whose massive physical form was only dwarfed by his good humor, Hagrid was, in many ways, the heart of the Harry Potter series. 

Sabriel (Sabriel)

best fantasy characters ever Sabriel

Sabriel, the first book in Garth Nix's classic Old Kingdom trilogy, centers around the titular hero, a young girl who has been raised in boarding school. Sabriel is kept safe across the wall from the magical Old Kingdom, where her father the Abhorsen ushers the Dead through the gates of death and away from the world of the living. When her father disappears, Sabriel leaves safety to return to the Old Kingdom in search of him, braving death—and the Undead themselves—along the way. 

Granny Weatherwax (Discworld)

best fantasy characters Granny Weatherwax

Esmerelda "Esme" Weatherwax is a witch of impressive capabilities. Regarded with fear and respect by younger witches, she has a valuable understanding of the difference between doing the right thing, and doing what's nice. 

Locke Lamora is a notorious con man known for his ability to swindle Camorr's upper crust out of their money. The head of a crew called the Gentleman Bastards, he's a scheming, hilarious antihero whose devices and dirty dealings make him legendary. 

Featured still from "Game of Thrones" via HBO