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Cryptids Stories

Do you thrive on the strange and unusual? You don’t have to search far to find stories that will sate your appetite for the bizarre with The Portalist’s coverage of cryptids. If you’re most captivated by American cryptids, then you’ll be transfixed by these stories of the red-eyed Mothman, the cloven-hoofed Jersey Devil, the Flatwoods Monster, and the humanoid Loveland Frog. If you’re transfixed by international cryptids, learn about the Loch Ness Monster, the huldufólk of Iceland, the Cottingley Fairy photographs, and sea monsters that haunt the world’s waters. Whatever your eclectic interest, you’ll find a cryptid to match it here. Bring your camera and leave your skepticism at home.


What Is the Barghest?

This cryptid has been the inspiration for many famous fantasy creatures, and it rarely brings good tidings.

Is the Mothman Real or Fiction?

Since 1966, it has haunted the area around Point Pleasant, but what is the Mothman?

Amphibian Man Is the Best SFF Film You've Never Heard of

Here's everything you need to know about the cult classic.

What Are Yowies?

Does “Australia’s Bigfoot” really exist?

What Is the Lost World of Lemuria?

The legend of Lemuria begins not with mythology or prehistory but with a scientific hypothesis.

Books on the Chupacabra and Other Famous Cryptids

These novels and guides feature the infamous goat-sucker and other creatures of questionable existence.

The Lost World of Agartha and the History Behind the Myth

The fabled inner-Earth kingdom was first detailed by a French occultist in 1889.

American Cryptids: Famous and Fantastical Creatures From 5 U.S. States

Almost every American state has its own legendary creatures known as cryptids. Here are five of the most fascinating.

Mythical Water Creatures to Capture Your Imagination

Don't go chasing waterfalls—you never know what they might hide.

The Strange Case of the Loveland Frog, Ohio's Amphibian Cryptid

Ohio has more than corn and soybeans. Sometimes it has river monsters.

Alleged Megalodon Sightings That Will Make You Want to Believe

Megalodon died out millennia ago. But our fascination with this mighty shark will never go extinct.

Huldufólk: The Truth Behind Iceland's Obsession With Elves

In Iceland, elves and other mythical beings are a fact of life.

Jersey Devil: The History of an American Cryptid

Meet a mysterious monster as American as apple pie.

The Enduring Legend of the Flatwoods Monster

A mysterious sighting in the night spawned the legend of one of West Virginia's creepiest cryptids.

Is the Loch Ness Monster Real? The Facts, Fiction, and Everything In-Between

Dip your toe into the intriguing mystery surrounding Scotland's most famous lake.

Cryptozoology Clothes for Monster Lovers

If you believe, wear your passions on your sleeve.