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11 Great Dragon Movies for Fans of Fire-Breathers

Be they fearsome beasts or friendly companions eager to give humans a ride, dragons have been at the center of some excellent movies.

Looking for a fiery fantasy flick to fulfill your craving for magic? Look no further: Here be dragons. Hollywood understands the big-screen potential of dragons, be they fearsome fire-breathers or friendly companions eager to give humans a ride. Dragons are the focus of quite a few feature films, but who wants to sift through an endless supply of B movies (looking at you, Dragon Wars) to find the real winners? Below are 11 worthwhile movies, spanning four decades of releases, that either feature a notable dragon, or focus primarily on a significant relationship between humans and dragons. Dracarys!

Jabberwocky (1977)

  • Photo Credit: Columbia-Warner

Leave it to the minds behind Monty Python to bring us one of the wildest and weirdest dragon stories ever put to film. Based on Lewis Carroll’s famous “Jabberwocky” poem and directed and co-written by genre genius Terry Gilliam, Jabberwocky is a bawdy and absurdist take on the classic dragon story. After his father passes away, Dennis Cooper–a peasant boy–fights a dragon and wins a way out of poverty and drudgery, and into the heart of a princess. Tale as old as time, right? But instead of a fearsome beast, the movie’s titular Jabberwocky is just a guy in a dragon suit, wires and all. Charming and bizarre, Jabberwocky is a great choice for when you want a dragon movie that takes you off the beaten path, and shuns the frumious Bandersnatch. 

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The Flight of Dragons (1982)

  • Photo Credit: Rankin/Bass Productions

This animated feature is a great pick for when you want your dragons with a side of nostalgia. The unlikely protagonist is Peter Dickinson (John Ritter), a board game designer/scientist sucked into a mystical kingdom hidden from the mundane, modern world. When Peter’s mind is magically melded with the body of the dragon Gorbash, he must rely on logic and the teachings of more experienced dragons to survive. The Flight of Dragons might be a little dated and overly simplistic for adult viewers, but its message—that science and magic aren’t mutually exclusive—knows no age-limit. The obsession with dragons and dragon movies starts early. They're alluring to children and adults alike, as The Flight of Dragons proves.

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The Neverending Story (1984)

  • Photo Credit: Warner Bros.

This haunting, trippy movie might be a little more focused on the journey of its human protagonists than on the character of Falkor the Dragon, but I couldn’t not give a shout-out to one of the most unique depictions of a dragon in a movie. Falkor the luckdragon proves to be Atreyu’s greatest ally, and his dog-like looks, furry body, and shimmery scales make him pretty darn adorable, too. In addition to his untraditional looks, he also lacks wings, which most dragons are depicted as having. But he isn't alone! (See further down this list.) In a film that can be quite dark by children’s fare standards, Falkor shines a light and saves the day more than once.

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DragonHeart (1996)

  • Photo Credit: Universal Pictures

This medieval-set movie couldn’t be more wonderfully early ’90s. Dennis Quaid stars as Bowen the dragonslayer, who meets his match in Draco the Dragon (Sean Connery). Draco shares half his heart with the kingdom’s ruler, who we soon learn is the movie’s real monster. Draco and Bowen form a reluctant partnership at first, but the bond that eventually develops between the two is the emotional core of the film. Together, they assemble an army to take down the despot and an intense and exciting fight ensues. Get your tissues ready if you’re settling in for a movie night with DragonHeart—this story is surprisingly tender.

Mulan (1998)

  • Photo Credit: Disney

Dragons are often depicted as enormous monsters, but Mulan’s tiny dragon companion Mushu, voiced by Eddie Murphy, is better at cracking wise than breathing fire. After failing to do his duty and protect one of Mulan’s ancestors, Mushu is striving for redemption, and he’s not about to let Mulan fail her mission. Interestingly, Mushu and Mulan are one of the very few examples of movie friendships between a girl and a dragon. Every Disney princess has their animal sidekicks, and the significance of dragons in Chinese culture only makes it fitting that Mushu should be Mulan's sidekick. Disney has a live-action remake of Mulan in the works right now, and it will definitely be interesting to see how their dynamic is explored (assuming Mushu even makes an appearance).

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Reign of Fire (2002)

  • Photo Credit: Buena Vista Pictures

Tired of dragon tales set in medieval ages or fantasy lands? How about a dystopian future where humanity has been decimated by dragons? What if I told you that Matthew “Alright, Alright” McConaughey and Christian Bale play leaders of different factions trying to save what’s left of the world from fiery destruction, all the while butting their handsome heads? I don’t know about you, but sign me up! Reign of Fire satisfies fans across genres. It's got plenty of dragons for the fantasy fans; lots of bullets, tanks, and war strategy for action fans; and tons of suspense. Yes, Reign of Fire is a little light on plot, and more “die, dragons, die!” than any other feature on this list, but sometimes we just need an action-packed, dragon-filled adventure. Reign of Fire delivers that in spades.

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Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (2015)

dragon movies
  • Photo Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

Although many of the Harry Potter movies have some draconic content, Goblet of Fire has perhaps the highest concentration of dragon footage. After Harry’s name is mysteriously placed in the Goblet of Fire, Gryffindor’s most-famous house member must participate in the notoriously dangerous Triwizard Tournament. As part of their first challenge, the competitors must each pick a dragon with which to ride during a task where they must claim a magical ‘Golden Egg’ device from within a nest of dragon’s eggs.  

How to Train Your Dragon (2010)

  • Photo Credit: Paramount Pictures

This Dreamworks feature managed to capture hearts and imaginations by taking the classic “dragon meets boy” story to another level. Assisted by a terrific cast of voice actors including America Ferrera, Jay Baruchel, and Craig Ferguson, this story of a Viking village plagued by dragon attacks is pretty damn compelling. One boy, Hiccup, is more interested in studying and learning about dragons than killing them. Toothless the dragon, Hiccup's adorable and sassy companion, will steal your heart and make you long for a dragon friend of your very own. Sure, the movie has its sentimental moments, but it’s also got plenty of action and some surprisingly scary scenes for an animated film. If you burn (pun intended) through How to Train Your Dragon and are left wanting more, you can also check out the respectable 2014 sequel.

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The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug (2013)

  • Photo Credit: Warner Bros.

I know, I know. The Hobbit trilogy is a slog (not to be confused with the dragon, Smaug). But Benedict Cumberbatch, people! In my opinion, it was worth the CGI-bloated wait to see the motion captured Smaug, modeled after and voiced by Mr. Cumberbatch himself. If you're tired of seeing dragons on the good side or as partners to a human protagonist, then this movie is for you. Smaug is the embodiment of total evil. Being a dragon alone makes him powerful against mere humans but his desire to control and hoard resources for himself make him one of the most genuinely terrifying villains in dragon movies, and fantasy movies overall. The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug puts to bed any desire fantasy fans may have for these mystical creatures to be real. Perhaps one day we'll get a live action Hobbit adaptation that actually captures the charm of the source material; in the meantime, let's just admire the might of the dread Smaug. 

Maleficent (2014)

  • Photo Credit: Disney

This stunning film doesn’t get the love it deserves, especially considering its impressive special effects. A powerful elf who was horribly betrayed by the man she loves, Maleficent (Angelina Jolie) has a reputation as a truly wicked stepmother. While Angie alone is a reason to watch (we can't decide what's sharper: her cheekbones or horns), the movie explores themes of vengeance and family, but it also features a spectacular dragon in the form of Maleficent’s right-hand man Diaval, who transforms into a dragon to take down an army of guards. The film challenges its audience to decide what really makes a villain, and that applies to its depiction of dragons as well. 

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Pete's Dragon (2016)

dragon movies
  • Photo Credit: Walt Disney Studios

This sweet live-action movie from 2016 is an adaptation of the 1977 animated film. Set in the 70s and 80s, the reboot follows Pete Healy (Oakes Fegley), a five-year-old who is orphaned when his parents are killed during a freak accident on a forest road. Although Pete survives the crash, he is nearly killed afterwards by wolves. However, his life is saved by the arrival of a giant green dragon, whom Pete names Eliot. Eliot protects the young boy, and even after Pete is rescued from the forest, the pair continue to share a deep connection. When adults see Pete’s unlikely rescuer first-hand, they are determined to catch him. Pete will have to put himself in the path of danger again — and convince friendly adults — if he’s to save his best friend. Pete’s Dragon is funny and action-packed, but you may also find yourself tearing up at the loving connection between a vulnerable young boy and his adorable flying friend.

Featured still from "How to Train Your Dragon" via Paramount Pictures.

Published on 05 Sep 2018

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