13 Geek T-Shirts That Will Make You Look Your Best and Nerdiest

You have great taste in fandoms—and shirts.

geek t-shirts

If you're looking to spice up your wardrobe, look no further than these perfect geek t-shirts. No matter what fandom you're representing, we guarantee you'll look your best. 

From space academies to supernatural creatures, puns to ectoplasm, you'll have everyone in the grocery store, and the galaxy, wondering where you got that fit. 

Journey To The Upside Down


geek t shirts stranger things the upside down

Take a trip to Hawkins, Indiana with this shirt, but make sure you don’t get lost along the way. 

An ode to Netflix’s Stranger Things and all its instantly iconic characters, the geeky 80s vibes oozing from this shirt will have you firing up the old cassette player.

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West Virginia Is for Mothman.


geek t-shirts west virginia mothman

If Virginia is for lovers, then West Virginia is for the Mothman. We may not be able to travel to the great state right now, but the Mothman is still in our hearts. 

Everywhere you go, let the people you see know who your favorite cryptid is.

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Catnip Everdeen


geek t shirts catnip everdeen hunger games

For the fan of puns and the Hunger Games comes this perfect marriage of the two—in tee form. 

Whether you’re rooting for Katniss or Catnip in this year’s Hunger Games, you’ll be sure to get a laugh out of everyone you see.

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The Coolest Mother in the Galaxy


geek t shirts coolest mother star wars

Whether you’re a mom or shopping for mom, if there’s a mother in your life who loves Star Wars and wants everyone to know it, this geeky shirt is a must-buy. 

Gone are the days of “Best Mom” mugs. She’ll let the whole galaxy know how cool she is.

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Ghostbusters Logo


geek t shirts ghostbusters logo

You can never go wrong with a classic. This Ghostbusters tee will have you calling everyone in the neighborhood when it arrives to let them know who’s in charge of the ghosts in town. You’ll bust ‘em all. Or something like that.

Believe In Nessie


geek t shirts i want to believe in nessie loch ness monster

The Loch Ness Monster’s existence might be hotly debated, but this geeky shirt will make your position clear. 

You believe in Nessie, and so should the rest of the world. Let’s hope Nessie believes in you, too.

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Yoda's Words of Wisdom


geek t shirts yoda star wars words of wisdom

Some days, you just need a little advice. And when you start your day off with this Star Wars-themed Yoda shirt, you’ll get the green dude’s words of wisdom to guide you. 

Pick whichever one you need that day, and feel better you will. 

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The Pandoric Opens


geek t shirts doctor who van gogh tardis starry night

Whether you’re a Doctor Who fanatic or a burgeoning art historian, this geeky shirt recalls your two favorite things: Vincent Van Gogh and the TARDIS. 

The Pandorica has opened for both Vincent and the Doctor, and so will your heart when you wear this tee.

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Captain Marvel: We Can Do It


geek t-shirts captain marvel we can do it

This Marvel-inspired take on the classic Rosie the Riveter “We Can Do It” poster puts Carol Danvers, aa Captain Marvel, front and center—right where she should be.

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Carry on my Wayward Son


geek t-shirts supernatural carry on my wayward son

Lay your weary head to rest, whether you’re sleeping in this tee, lounging around the house, or showing it off for everyone to see. 

While you may not be able to buy the Winchester boys’ actual Impala, this gets pretty close. With an array of colors to choose from, the whole family can find their own tee to love.

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Avatar: The Last Airbender Characters


geek t shirts avatar the last airbender characters

Water. Earth. Fire. Air. Only the Avatar can master all four elements, and with this geek shirt featuring all your favorite characters from Avatar: The Last Airbender, you’ll feel like the master in no time.

Starfleet Academy


geek t shirts star trek starfleet academy

Real school is so overrated. But you can find a whole new crew once you’re accepted into the Starfleet Academy, and this tee guarantees admission. With exclusive Star Trek stickers included, wear your school spirit with pride everywhere you go and in everything you do.

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The North Remembers


geek t shirts game of thrones the north remembers

Game of Thrones fans, you won’t forget this shirt. But if you somehow do, don’t worry, the North remembers. 

Playing off “The North Face” logo, this perfect parody shirt is a need, not a want. Represent House Stark from the living room to the peak of the highest mountain.

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