Read On, Wayward Son: 10 Super-Fun Books Like Supernatural

Don't you cry no more — these books will fill the Supernatural-sized hole in your heart.

books like Supernatural
  • Photo Credit: The CW
Buy A Rival from the Grave at Amazon

A Rival from the Grave

By Seabury Quinn

Buy Snake Agent at Amazon

Snake Agent

By Liz Williams

Buy American Ghost at Amazon

American Ghost

By Paul Guernsey

Buy Borrowed Souls at Amazon

Borrowed Souls

By Chelsea Mueller

books like Supernatural

Meddling Kids

By Edward Cantero

books like The Magicians

Storm Front

By Jim Butcher

books like Supernatural

We Sold Our Souls

By Grady Hendrix

books like Supernatural


By Chuck Wendig


Rosemary and Rue

By Seanan McGuire

neil gaiman quotes

American Gods

By Neil Gaiman