14 Perfect Geek Dad Gifts That Will Make His Father's Day

He'll love them 3000.

geek dad gifts
  • Photo Credit: Unsplash / Tim Mossholder

What to get for the nerdy dad who claims he has everything? We've got you covered.

From The X-Files to Doctor Who, Game of Thrones to Legend of Zelda, there's a gift that, like the truth, is out there. These are 14 of our favorite geek dad gifts to show your pop that you care this Father's Day. 

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Star Wars Millennium Falcon Necktie 


geek dad gifts star wars millennium falcon tie

If your dad is looking to spice up his tie collection, look no further. 

This Star Wars-inspired Millennium Falcon tie is the perfect way for your dad to subtly honor his favorite films. With an array of colors available, he can have one for every suit.

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Doctor Who Fourth Doctor Scarf


geek dad gifts doctor who fourth doctor scarf

Father’s Day may be during the heat of summer, but that doesn’t mean cold days aren’t ahead of us. For the dad and Doctor Who fanatic in your life, you can’t miss out with this timey-wimey scarf inspired by the Fourth Doctor’s iconic look.

Supernatural: John Winchester Journal


geek dad gifts supernatural journal

Whether he’s a writer, an extensive planner, or just needs somewhere to take down all those grocery lists, this journal inspired by the hit TV show Supernatural is the perfect present. 

Two gifts in one, these blank pages are interspersed with Supernatural lore. It's a perfect present, even if your dad doesn't make a habit of fighting ghosts, demons, and all manner of evil entities.  

Periodic Table of Marvel T-Shirt


geek dad gifts marvel periodic table

For the comic book fan and scientist in your life, this Marvel Comics Periodic Table T-Shirt can make any boring chart exciting. 

In the graphic, each group of elements is separated into different Marvel classifications, and each element has its own character — Vibranium not included. 

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Star Wars Millennium Falcon Bottle Opener


geek dad gifts star wars millennium falcon bottle opener

It’s time to stop scrounging around the kitchen drawers for the bottle opener. 

With this metal Millennium Falcon bottle opener, your dad will recognize it among the kitchen tools faster than the Falcon can do the Kessel Run. 

The X-Files "I Want to Believe" T-Shirt and Stickers


geek dad gifts the x files i want to believe shirt and stickers

You can never go wrong with a classic. This X-Files-inspired “I Want to Believe” shirt is perfect for any fan of the spooky, the scary, or Fox Mulder. 

This shirt comes with bonus stickers, too: one for you, one for dad.

Game of Thrones Monopoly


geek dad gifts game of thrones monopoly

Game night is coming. And with this Game of Thrones-themed Monopoly board, you’re ready to compete for the Iron Throne. Tensions may run hot, but make sure you always stay loyal to your family.

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Game of Thrones "Dinner is Coming" Cutting Board


geek dad gifts game of thrones dinner is coming cutting board

Gone are the days of plain cutting boards. If your dad loves cooking, this punny “Dinner is Coming” engraved cutting board is a must-have. By the end of the meal, you’ll feel like you’re feasting with House Stark.

Dungeons & Dragons Decorative Coasters


geek dad gifts dungeons and dragons coasters

Make your coffee table a natural 20 with these Dungeons & Dragons wood coasters.  

Intricately engraved with different game-inspired designs, whether you’re hosting a D&D night or simply relaxing with the family, these coasters liven up any room.

"You Shall Not Pass" Doormat


geek dad gifts lord of the rings you shall not pass doormat

Let all who enter know exactly what kind of household this is. 

With this Lord of the Rings “You Shall Not Pass” doormat, your nerd flag will fly high for all visitors to see—even if that visitor is the mailman, and not a Balrog. 

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Lightsaber Chopsticks


geek dad gifts star wars lightsaber chopsticks

Make takeout night a little more bright with these light-up lightsaber chopsticks. 

With various colors to choose from, everyone in the family can have their own special set. But be careful: you won’t want to lose a hand reaching for someone else’s food.

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Legend of Zelda Hunting Knife


geek dad gifts legend of zelda hunting knife

It's dangerous to go alone — take this! For the outdoorsy dad, this Legend of Zelda hunting knife is the perfect companion on hikes and camping trips. 

Make sure he’s prepared for any emergency situation with this multi-purpose tool, and he can honor his favorite virtual pastime IRL, too.

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Batman Bat-Signal Toaster


geek dad gifts batman toaster

Breakfast has never looked so good. Emblazon your toast with the iconic Bat-Signal with the help of this toaster, and serve dad a special breakfast in bed this Father’s Day.

"I Love You 3000" Keychain


geek dad gifts i love you 3000 marvel keychain

Say “I love you” in a unique (and lasting) way with this Marvel-inspired “I love you 3000” keychain. The perfect addition to any nerdy dad’s set of keys, we promise this show of love won’t fade away.

Featured image via Unsplash / Tim Mossholder.  

Published on 18 Jun 2020