Out-of-This-World Space Gifts

To the moon!

space gifts

It's pretty amazing to think how small we are compared to the grandiosity of the universe. For some it is too much to think about, even overwhelming, but for others it is a complete thrill to consider the vastness of outer space. Those that do enjoy the foreignness of space, they may like a piece of the sky. How can they attain outer space? Here is a guide of space gifts tailored perfectly for those space lovers in your life. We have selected various pieces that truly embody the thrill of the unknown, and are suitable for recipients of any age. 

Each piece is easily accessible; there's no reason to break your budget while giving a very personal gift. Here is a little inspiration for what to get the astronomer, astrologer, philosopher, star gazer, or simply the horoscope-lover in your life. Each of these pieces brings a little piece of the night sky to the palm of your hand. Get the space you crave with these fun, solar system-inspired products...no rocket required.  

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Planet Pendant Necklace

space gifts

Remind yourself of your relative insignificance in the universe with this gorgeous handmade planet necklace. This beautifully crafted accessory is just as multifaceted as the solar system! You can either wear it as a necklace or wrap it around your wrist as a bracelet. The various pendants provide not only pops of color but realistic depictions of each planet. Even though each planet is in reality light-years away from one another, this necklace is a reminder that the planets are still bounded to one another as they orbit the sun. 

This is also great for any mother that wants to teach their child about the vast solar system. The necklace depicts the planets in their order from the Sun. It is an interactive way to learn about the eight planets that make up our solar system: Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune. It is a great visual representation in teaching children interesting facts about the planets, like that Jupiter is the largest planet, or that Mercury is the smallest planet and closest to the Sun. 

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Heat-Changing Constellation Mug

space gifts

This is a great gift idea for any New Yorker in your life! Living in a big city means not many stars shine at night. What better gift, then, than to bring a piece of the sky to your loved ones? Particularly now that the colder seasons are slowly rolling in, there is a higher demand for hot drinks (think Pumpkin Spice Lattes!). This mug is heat activated: Simply pour in hot liquids and watch the stars appear. It creates an amusing spectacle as the constellations begin to form, but it is also educational for all ages. 

A total of 11 constellations appear: Cassiopea, Perseus, Saggitarius, Hercules, Andromeda, Scorpius, Taurus, Ursa Major, Ursa Minor, Orion, and Gemini. This is perfect for the star lovers, astrologers, and astronomers in your life. Even zodiac lovers will really enjoy this gift! It is both practical and beautiful. 

Get Your Ass to Mars Shirt

space gifts

Apparel is the best way to support what you love. While some may buy merchandise of their favorite artist or wear the jersey of their favorite team, why not represent your love for the solar system? Demonstrate your determination and sense of exploration with this conversation-inspiring tee. This tee is a visual aid while sending a message. It was made with space lovers in mind, those who hope for humans to explore increasingly further horizons in the great unknown. 

This shirt comes in five different colors, with sizing for men, women, and children. Tees are a great piece of clothing that can be worn up or dressed down. It can be worn to the gym or simply as a piece of loungewear to stay indoors during a lazy Sunday. With such a versatile piece, any fan of the red planet will love it! A universal piece made for any space enthusiast.  

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Constellation Crew Socks

space gifts

Why have your head in the clouds when you can bring the sky to your feet? These constellation socks have quirky designs of the Bigger Dipper and Orion. With brands like Stance that are popularizing graphic socks, sock lovers and star gazers can have the best of both worlds with these socks. 

These novelty socks are a great conversation starter while keeping your feet warm and cozy. A few facts to bring up during your next trivia night, Orion is one of the most conspicuous and recognizable constellation in the night sky, and the constellation was named after a hunter in Greek mythology. A great gift for any astronomer or star gazer. Perfect for birthdays, Father's Day, or the upcoming holiday season! 

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NASA Bomber Jacket

space gifts

You can mix pleasure and fashion with this piece. Show your passion for space travel with a classic NASA bomber jacket, featuring chest patches that honor the 100th space shuttle mission. It is available in both blue and white and has an American flag patch on the left arm to show a bit of patriotism. It is practical for the colder days as it is a mid-weight flight nylon water and wind-resistant jacket. It holds a comfort range from 25-45°F. It is a great way to stay warm while showing your passion for space exploration. 

This is a perfect piece for anyone who loves space and science, as it demonstrates your support for the NASA program. Moreover this is a genuine astronaut flight jacket! It brings those space fans closer to the real thing. It has also been seen on the rapper Logic for a few performances. This is a wearable, durable fashion piece that is well worth the money. It is truly out of this world!