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Wonder Woman Gifts for the Amazon in Your Life

Lasso some Themyscira-worthy super swag!


After snapping up your Wonder Woman tickets, celebrate the iconic female superhero with products that would make Diana Prince proud. We've scoured the internet for jewelry, clothes, books, and other great Wonder Woman gift ideas perfect for the comics fan in your life—or yourself!

Wonder Woman Heat Change Mug

Wonder Woman gifts Wonder Woman mug
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  • Photo Credit: ThinkGeek

Reveal your own Amazonian super powers by adding your beverage of choice to this picture-changing mug.

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Fight Like a Girl Phone Case

Wonder Woman gifts phone case
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  • Photo Credit: TeePublic

Since when is fighting like a girl a bad thing? Show off your girl power with this Wonder-ful phone case.

 Wonder Woman Unbound: The Curious History of the World’s Most Famous Heroine 

Wonder Woman gifts Wonder Woman Unbound


Take a deeper look at what makes Wonder Woman an iconic powerhouse with this book from comics historian Tim Hanley.

 Wonder Woman Charm Bracelet 

Wonder Woman gifts Wonder Woman jewelry


You’ll feel armed for combat every time you slip on this jangling charm bracelet, loaded with superhero symbolism.

 Funko POP Bombshell Wonder Woman Action Figure 

Wonder Woman gifts Funko Pop! bombshell Wonder Woman
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  • Photo Credit: Funko POP!


Out of all the Wonder Woman action figures and collectibles, this figurine is our favorite.

 Wonder Woman Coloring Book 

Wonder Woman gifts Wonder Woman coloring book


Coloring books aren’t just for kids anymore! This graphic book, filled with black-and-white illustrations from talented comic artists, will unleash your creative side.

Wonder Woman Sports Bra

Wonder Woman clothing sports bra ThinkGeek
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  • Photo Credit: ThinkGeek

With this blue, red, and gold sports bra, you’ll be ready to kick some butt—Lasso of Truth not included.

 Wonder Woman Lasso of Truth Journal  

Wonder Woman gifts Lasso of Truth journal ThinkGeek
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  • Photo Credit: ThinkGeek

Let Diana help you discover your truth in his hardbound leather journal that features retro Wonder Woman on the front cover.

Wonder Woman Knapsack

Wonder Woman gifts Wonder Woman knapsack


Put Wonder Woman’s Amazonian strength to good use and let her carry all your essentials in this red and blue backpack.

Wonder Woman Snapback Cap

Wonder Woman clothing leather snapback hat


Why not wear headwear that’s just as stylish as your favorite super heroine’s boomerang tiara?

 Wonder Woman 75th Anniversary Box Set  

Wonder Woman gifts 75th anniversary box set

Travel through Wonder Woman’s iconic 75-year history with this box set that features over 400 pages of her adventures.

LEGO Super Hero Girls Dorm

Wonder Woman gifts DC Superhero Girls Wonder Woman dorm

Be part of the LEGO DC Super Hero Girls world with this set, and help keep Wonder Woman (and her ‘invisible’ motorbike) safe from danger. 

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Featured photo from "Wonder Woman" via Warner Bros.