13 Books Like The Handmaid's Tale

Blessed be the fruit of Margaret Atwood's influence.

books like The handmaids Tale
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Three Tiptree Award–Winning Novels

By Eleanor Arnason, Nancy Springer and Elizabeth Hand

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The Two of Them

By Joanna Russ

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The Shore of Women

By Pamela Sargent

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By Octavia E. Butler

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Before She Sleeps

By Bina Shah

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The Core of the Sun

By Johanna Sinisalo

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Her Body and Other Parties

By Carmen Maria Machado

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When She Woke

By Hillary Jordan

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Red Clocks

By Leni Zumas

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An Excess Male

By Maggie Shen King

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The Power

By Naomi Alderman

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Gather the Daughters

By Jennie Melamed

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By Christina Dalcher