10 Spellbinding Books Like the Dresden Files by Jim Butcher

A magical, mystical world awaits.

books like The Dresden Files
Buy Blunt Force Magic at Amazon

Blunt Force Magic

By Lawrence Davis

Buy The Ledberg Runestone at Amazon

The Ledberg Runestone

By Patrick Donovan

Buy Succubus Blues at Amazon

Succubus Blues

By Richelle Mead

Buy Blood And Magick at Amazon

Blood And Magick

By James R. Tuck

Buy Dead Witch Walking at Amazon

Dead Witch Walking

By Kim Harrison

Buy Dreams of Shreds and Tatters  at Amazon

Dreams of Shreds and Tatters

By Amanda Downum

Buy Sandman Slim  at Amazon

Sandman Slim

By Richard Kadrey

Buy Southern Gods  at Amazon

Southern Gods

By John Hornor Jacobs

Buy Bloodshot at Amazon


By Cherie Priest

Buy The Ballad of Black Tom  at Amazon

The Ballad of Black Tom

By Victor LaValle