8 of the Best Sci-Fi Shows on Netflix This Month

    These binge-worthy series are set to stun. 

    The future is now: you no longer have to wait a week between episodes of your favorite sci-fi TV series. Thanks to Netflix, sci-fi shows are now available on-demand for your binge-watching pleasure. And to make things even easier, we’re taking the legwork out of finding your next sci-fi TV obsession by listing out the very best sci-fi shows on Netflix.

    Black Mirror

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    Netflix’s sci-fi/horror anthology series filters technophobic paranoia through a Twilight Zone-like format and, in the process, creates a modern series that somehow makes standalone episodes binge-able. There’s no relation between the self-contained episodes except for the tone, which amplifies information-age fears into stories that range from scary-weird to weirdly scary.

    Black Mirror is one of the best sci-fi shows on Netflix, and will be for a long time: seasons two through four are original to Netflix, so the show won't leave the service's library anytime soon. 

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    The Flash

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    DC has a hard time making good superhero movies, but their TV offerings include some pretty solid shows. The cheeky tone of (most of) DC’s TV universe works best with The Flash, which also benefits from lifting plot lines from iconic Flash-centric comic books plot arcs like Flashpoint.

    Other shows from DC’s TV world, including Arrow (Green Arrow’s show), are also available to stream. For my money, though, The Flash is the best. Check it out to get the bad taste of DC's Justice League out of your mouth.

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    Jericho was taken from us too soon (don’t expect a neat ending from the series, which was unceremoniously cancelled during its initial run), but it has gained a small cult following in the years since. Set in post-apocalyptic Kansas, this show anticipates some of the most appealing qualities of future hits like The Walking Dead.

    Underappreciated when it was on TV and far from widely known even now, Jericho is now one of the best sci-fi shows on Netflix. For fans of post-apocalyptic sci-fi, it's well worth taking a look at.

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    Mystery Science Theater

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    Mystery Science Theater 3000 is a TV show built around bad movies. Each and every episode has the same reliable format: in a goofy sci-fi setting, the main characters sit down for a forced screening of a terrible old sci-fi B movie and proceed to pepper the proceedings with hilarious and harsh commentary. It's a double-dose of sci-fi, with intentionally goofy sci-fi comedy framing unintentional goofy sci-fi of years gone by.

    The show’s dedicated fan base knows all of this already, of course, and they don’t need an article to tell them that “MST3K” (as the kids call it) is one of the best sci-fi shows on Netflix. If you did, well, you’re welcome–now go check it out!

    Star Trek: The Original Series

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    No sci-fi series is iconic as Star Trek, and the original series is available for your binge-watching pleasure on Netflix right now. The influential and historic nature of Star Trek would make it a must-watch show even if it didn’t hold up, but for the most part it's just as compelling in 2018 as it was when it first aired. 

    Sure, TOS is clearly mid-century fare, but the show always felt ahead of its time, and it’s still able to raise interesting questions decades later.

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    Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

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    I just said that Star Trek is still able to ask vital questions years after its release, and that’s true. But Star Trek is not the most contemplative or most serious of its TV universe–that honor belongs to one of its spin-offs.

    There are a lot of great Star Trek spin-offs and reboots, but Deep Space Nine might be the most thoughtful of them. Deep Space Nine was more willing than its predecessors to meditate on war and social issues out on the final frontier, and that has helped it age gracefully. For a darker, smarter Star Trek experience, this is the way to go.

    Stranger Things 

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    Netflix’s best original series blends 80s nostalgia with binge-worthy modern storytelling. The best parts of The Goonies, Stand By Me, It, Poltergeist, and even Aliens are spun together in the brilliant first season and still-pretty-darn-good second.

    And it’s not just for viewers who were born in the 80s, of course. The hype around Stranger Things billed it as perfect nostalgia fare, and that’s not wrong. But it’s also a compelling show in its own right, with perfectly paced storytelling and a balanced narrative tone that have earned it a place as one of the single best shows of the so-called “Golden Age of TV.” If you didn’t get into Stranger Things when it was all the rage, now is the time to catch up.

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    The Twilight Zone

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    The Twilight Zone is one of the greatest sci-fi series ever, if you ask me (and The Portalist did one time, actually), so every month that it remains available on Netflix is a blessing. 

    The classic sci-fi/horror anthology series has influenced generations of creators–including the folks behind Netflix original Black Mirror, another sci-fi/horror anthology series that ranks among the best sci-fi TV shows on Netflix. The Twilight zone may be an older show, but its creepy inverted logic and often clever twists hold up well.

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