17 Sci-Fi Romance Books That Will Make You Swoon

Add a new couple to your repertoire of sci-fi OTPs.

Buy The Dancer from Atlantis at Amazon

The Dancer from Atlantis

By Poul Anderson

Buy Mrs. Caliban at Amazon

Mrs. Caliban

By Rachel Ingalls

Buy Time After Time at Amazon

Time After Time

By Constance O'Day-Flannery

Buy Moondust and Madness at Amazon

Moondust and Madness

By Janelle Taylor

Buy The Secret of Spring at Amazon

The Secret of Spring

By Piers Anthony and Jo Anne Taeusch

Buy Finders Keepers at Amazon

Finders Keepers

By Linnea Sinclair

Buy Love and Gravity at Amazon

Love and Gravity

By Samantha Sotto

Buy Silver Shark at Amazon

Silver Shark

By Illona Andrews

Buy Naked in Death at Amazon

Naked in Death

By J.D. Robb

Buy Ral's Woman at Amazon

Ral's Woman

By Laurann Dohner

Buy Shards of Honor at Amazon

Shards of Honor

By Lois McMaster Bujold

Buy Warrior's Woman at Amazon

Warrior's Woman

By Johanna Lindsey

Buy Grimspace at Amazon


By Ann Aguirre

Buy Edge of Eon at Amazon

Edge of Eon

By Anna Hackett