12 Out-of-This-World Alien Invasion Books

They're coming...

alien invasion books
Buy The Spaceship Next Door at Amazon

The Spaceship Next Door

By Gene Doucette

Buy Lilith's Brood at Amazon

Lilith's Brood

By Octavia E. Butler

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By Alan Dean Foster

Buy The Coming at Amazon

The Coming

By Joe Haldeman

Buy All Flesh Is Grass at Amazon

All Flesh Is Grass

By Clifford D. Simak

Buy The Forge of God at Amazon

The Forge of God

By Greg Bear

Buy The Alien Years at Amazon

The Alien Years

By Robert Silverberg

Buy The War of the Worlds at Amazon

The War of the Worlds

By H. G. Wells

Buy The Three-Body Problem at Amazon

The Three-Body Problem

By Cixin Liu

Buy Childhood's End at Amazon

Childhood's End

By Arthur C. Clarke

Buy Lagoon at Amazon


By Nnedi Okorafor

Buy The Puppet Masters at Amazon

The Puppet Masters

By Robert A. Heinlein