19 of the Best Sci-Fi Movies on Netflix This August

    From dystopias to space operas, these films will satisfy your sci-fi cravings.

    Great science fiction can widen our horizons, and challenge our assumptions about space, time, and humanity. Movies in particular allow the wonder and imagination of sci-fi storytelling to take flight. By combining dynamic, breathtaking visuals with imaginative storylines, science fiction films can be truly transportive—even if you're just streaming at home from the comfort of your couch. 

    Check out our recommendations below for 19 of the best sci-fi movies on Netflix. From the horrific to the heartwarming, these sci-fi flicks dare to reimagine life as we know it. 

    This post will be updated periodically to reflect changes to streaming. 

    Thor: Ragnarok 

    Thor Ragnarok review
    Photo Credit: Marvel

    This Marvel movie is part sci-fi, part fantasy, and all fun. Director Taika Waititi — also known for his work on comedy projects like Flight of the Conchords and What We Do in the Shadows — breathes new life into the God of Thunder with this irreverent, colorful addition to the MCU. 

    After the death of Odin (Anthony Hopkins), Thor (Chris Hemsworth) and his villainous brother Loki (Tom Hiddleston) must face down their older sister Hela (a stunning Cate Blanchett) to prevent Asgard from total ruin. Tessa Thompson steals the show as Valkyrie, a former Asgardian warrior who now captures slaves for the Grandmaster of Sakaar (Jeff Goldblum) to fund her drinking. 

    The Last Jedi

    best sci-fi movies on Netflix
    Photo Credit: Lucasfilm

    The most recent — and controversial — installment in the Star Wars episodic films, The Last Jedi is a gorgeous, gripping addition to the Skywalker saga. 

    As Rey (Daisy Ridley) begins her Jedi training on the isolated planet of Ahch-To under the unwilling eye of a disillusioned Luke (Mark Hamill), the movie challenges the tropes Star Wars fans have come to expect from the galaxy far, far away. In doing so, director Rian Johnson opens up a new universe of possibilities about what the Force can be, and who gets to wield it. 

    If, to paraphrase Kylo Ren (Adam Driver), you can let some of your preconceived notions about Star Wars go, The Last Jedi is a breathtaking and groundbreaking ride — and it features possibly the greatest fight scene in the history of the franchise. 

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    best sci-fi movies on Netflix
    Photo Credit: Sony Pictures Classics

    This cult classic combines hard sci-fi with existential horror, and the result is truly unforgettable. The year is 2035. Sam Bell (Sam Rockwell) is in the home stretch of a three-year solitary mining job on the dark side of the Moon, funded by Lunar Industries. Communication with Earth is spotty, and Sam is eager to return home to his wife and daughter and finally have some company besides GERTY, the lunar base's artificial intelligence (voiced by Kevin Spacey). But as the end of Sam's mission approaches, he begins to hallucinate, which leads him to injure himself in a lunar rover crash. When Sam regains consciousness, he's back inside the base, and GERTY advises him to await a rescue mission. Sam is suspicious, and begins to uncover truths about Lunar Industries that are truly unsettling.


    best sci-fi movies on Netflix
    Photo Credit: Netflix

    A Netflix original, this Australian zombie movie is a smart addition to the genre that will thrill fans of The Girl With All the Gifts or Train to Busan. Andy (Martin Freeman) and his wife are attempting to outrun a zombie pandemic via boat. But when disaster strikes, Andy must make a grueling, days-long trek across the outback in order to bring his infant daughter to safety. Andy's odyssey coincides with the journey of Thoomi (Simond Landers), an aboriginal tribe member whose father has recently been infected.

    To say much more about the plot risks spoiling some of Cargo's appeal. Suffice to say, if you're a fan of zombie movies that delve into the emotional weight of an outbreak, you'll love this tense, unique addition to the genre. 

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    King Kong

    best sci-fi movies on Netflix
    Photo Credit: Universal Pictures

    This Academy Award-winning epic 2005 remake of the 1933 classic will satisfy all your cravings for giant creature action. Set in 1933, the Peter Jackson-directed film follows an expedition to Skull Island in the South Pacific. The voyage returns to America with a giant gorilla named Kong in tow. But when "the Eighth Wonder of the World" is introduced to New York City, actress Ann Darrow and playwright Jack Driscoll will have to reconsider what it truly means to be a monster. 

    Europa Report

    space movies europa report
    Photo Credit: Magnolia Pictures

    Found footage is a genre usually reserved for the likes of horror movies–and Europa Report, though technically a sci-fi thriller, is indeed horrifying on many levels. Told entirely through footage “recovered” from the Europa One mission, we learn the story of its crew: six astronauts who journeyed to one of Jupiter’s moons looking for sources of life, only to find themselves in dangerously over their heads.  

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    Jurassic Park

    jurassic park movies
    Photo Credit: Universal Entertainment

    Hold onto your butts! All three of the movies in the original Jurassic Park trilogy are now available on Netflix. As we've written before, the first film in the franchise — based on Michael Crichton's groundbreaking book of the same name — is undoubtedly the greatest. 

    The first movie follows a group of scientists during a trip to the fictional island of Isla Nublar, where they're tasked with determining whether a mysterious park created by the bioengineering company InGen is ready for the public. InGen's scientists and the company's reckless founder John Hammond have done the unthinkable and brought dinosaurs back from the dead. And when a series of accidents leads to a power outage on the island, history's deadliest predators hunt the humans on Isla Nublar. 


    best sci-fi movies on Netflix
    Photo Credit: UFA

    If you want to add a little German expressionism to your night in, Metropolis is the movie for you! In all seriousness, this 1927 film had a huge impact on the aesthetic of science fiction as a whole, and is worth checking out if only to see iconic imagery that continues to influence the genre today. The story is set in a future dystopia, and follows the attempts of a working-class girl and a member of the bourgeoisie to bridge the city's stark class divide. 

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    The Road

    best sci-fi movies on Netflix
    Photo Credit: Dimension Films

    Based on the Pulitzer Prize-winning novel of the same name by Cormac McCarthy, The Road follows an unnamed man (Viggo Mortensen) and his unnamed son (Kodi Smit-McPhee) as they struggle to survive in post-apocalyptic America. The boy was born shortly after an unspecified event brought civilization to its knees. After the boy's mother disappeared, the boy and his father only had each other. Together, they travel across the bleak landscape, evading other survivors and scavenging in ruins for food. 


    13 best scifi movies on netflix okja
    Photo Credit: Netflix

    Heralded by critics as Netflix’s first great film and from the mind of Snowpiercer’s Joon-ho Bong, this emotionally wrenching drama doubles as an environmental morality tale. Okja is a thoughtful, visually awing, and perpetually relevant criticism of our food systems that’s delivered through a relationship between genetically modified pig Okja and her young owner. Forewarning: watching will probably make you experience every emotion ever. 

    Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

    best sci-fi movies on Netflix
    Photo Credit: Walt Disney Studios

    Set between Revenge of the Sith and A New Hope, Rogue One follows a ragtag group of rebels as they join forces to stop the construction of the destructive Death Star. The epic space opera was critically praised for its acting, writing, and special effects, and its messages about resistance and hope make this one of the franchise’s best showings. 

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    Sky Captain and The World of Tomorrow 

    13 best scifi films on netflix
    Photo Credit: Paramount Pictures

    In this alternate history “gearpunk” film, Jude Law and Angelina Jolie star as Earth’s last defense against flying robot attacks. While the story may not be Oscar-worthy, the film’s blend of live-action and CGI help make this piece of World War II historical fiction a compelling case for genre-mashing. 

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    The Truman Show

    best sci-fi movies on Netflix
    Photo Credit: Paramount Pictures

    This surprisingly haunting movie stars Jim Carrey as everyman Truman Burbank, who enjoys an idyllic existence in the town of Seahaven Island. But when Truman begins to find clues everywhere that his life in Seahaven may not be as simple as it seems, the truth comes out: Truman is actually the unwitting star of a 24-hour reality television program that is broadcast around the globe. The entirety of his 30 years of life have been orchestrated to make him a compelling and captive subject for TV, and escaping his role as reality star may cost Truman his life. 


    best sci-fi movies on Netflix
    Photo Credit: Netflix

    A Netflix original from Moon director Duncan Jones, Mute is a cyberpunk mystery set in future Berlin. Alexander Skarsgard stars as Leo, a bartender whose throat was damaged in a childhood accident. Leo is intent on finding Naadirah (Seyneb Saleh), his missing partner, and he'll comb through as much of the seedy underbelly of the high-tech city as he needs to do so. 

    Jones has described Mute as a "spiritual successor" to Moon, but unfortunately the new film isn't as smart or emotionally affecting as its predecessor. Still, it's worth a watch if only for the undeniably impressive, Blade Runner-reminiscent visuals. 

    Aeon Flux

    best sci-fi movies on Netflix
    Photo Credit: Paramount Pictures

    Is Aeon Flux a 'good' movie, in the traditional sense of the word? Sadly, no. But if you're in the mood for sci-fi that's silly but flashy, it's worth watching if only to remember that Charlize Theron showed everyone she could kick butt long before she played a deadly spy in 2017's Atomic Blonde

    Based on an animated TV series from the early '90s, Aeon Flux is set in 2145. In 2011, a plague eradicated much of humanity; the survivors live in Bregna, a city-state governed by scientists. Theron stars as Æon Flux, a member of the Monicans, a group of telepathically linked rebels ostensibly working to bring down Bregna's leaders.  

    It's a pity the movie doesn't have more to offer, given the talent of its star and its director, Karyn Kusama (Girl Fight, Jennifer's Body, The Invitation). But if you want an evening of stupid sci-fi fun, a visit to Bregna might be just what the dystopian doctor ordered. 

    The Iron Giant 

    best sci-fi movies on Netflix
    Photo Credit: Warner Bros.

    A mix of traditional and computer animation, The Iron Giant became an instant hit when it landed in theaters during the summer of 1999. It’s not hard to see why. Based on the touching Ted Hughes 1968 novel The Iron Man, this Cold-War story follows the friendship between a young boy and a massive iron giant that falls from space. 

    World of Tomorrow

    best scifi movies on netflix world of tomorrow
    Photo Credit: Don Hertzfedlt / Bitter Films

    In this irresistibly cute and poignant 16-minute short film, one three-year-old girl is paid a visit by her much older future self. Communicating with her clone from 227 years into the future, the young girl’s journey explores life's constant balance between sadness and salvation, loneliness and joy. It's a disarmingly emotional story set against incredible animation by Don Hertzfeldt, who also wrote, directed, and produced the short. 

    Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

    best sci-fi movies on Netflix
    Photo Credit: Marvel

    The Guardians of the Galaxy are back, and they're bigger a-holes than ever. In this sequel to 2014's Guardians of the Galaxy, families reunite, with cataclysmic consequences. Star-Lord (Chris Pratt) finally meets his father, but the reunion is stranger than he could have anticipated. Meanwhile, the feud between Gamora (Zoe Saldana) and Nebula (Karen Gillan) comes to a violent head. 

    Deep Blue Sea

    best sci-fi movies on Netflix
    Photo Credit: Warner Bros.

    Deep Blue Sea might not be cinema at its most refined, but it's still as fun as it was when this sci-fi thriller first hit theaters in 1999. 

    A team of scientists searching for an Alzheimer's cure have been experimenting on Mako sharks at an underwater laboratory. But when one of the test subject sharks kills a researcher, Dr. Susan Susan McAlester (Saffron Burrows) admits to increasing the size of the sharks' brains in order to harvest more valuable proteins from the test subjects. As the underwater station begins to flood, the scientists must face monsters of their own creation: super-smart sharks with a taste for vengeance.  

    If you're craving a night of hard sci-fi and compelling filmmaking, this might not be the best pick. But for a fun night in, Deep Blue Sea is just the right amount of ridiculous. 

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