7 Apocalyptic Books for Fans of Hard Sun 

Neil Cross’ new series will make you crave more sci-fi thrillers. 

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What would you do if you knew the world was going to end in five years? That question is posed to London detectives Elaine Renko and Charlie Hicks in the new series, Hard Sun. The duo discovers a flash drive with proof that a mysterious cosmic event will cause the world to end in five years time. 

Neil Cross, the creator of Luther and the author of many other crime fiction novels, created and penned the series. He was inspired by the David Bowie song “Five Days.” Cross says, “It’s a song about the end of the world… except it’s not. Not really. Or not completely. It’s about how seeing the world in its frailty and impermanence reveals everything and everyone in the truth of its infinite value…”

The series originally aired in the U.K. in January, and is now available to stream on Hulu in the U.S. If you love the show and apocalyptic thrillers, then you’ll enjoy these seven books. From desperate attempts to save the world to environmental disasters, these books for fans of Hard Sun will keep you turning the page.  

Buy Clay's Ark at Amazon

Clay's Ark

By Octavia E. Butler

On a dystopian Earth, a disease has been brought back from an alien planet and has infected the humans that remain. Eli Doyle, the only survivor from Clay’s Ark—the spaceship made a crash landing back on Earth—is infected by an alien microorganism that gives him enhanced sensory and physical strength. But the microorganism will also do anything for its own survival. The last book published in the five-book Patternist series, though the third book chronologically, Octavia E. Butler’s story is about human survival.

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Time of the Fourth Horseman

By Chelsea Quinn Yarbro

You’d think the eradication of disease would be a good thing, but in a disease-free world overpopulation has become a serious problem. Because of this, a secret government experiment has formed: Project. Suddenly, people start dying en masse from diseases that everyone thought were eradicated generations ago, and a team of doctors must figure out how to stop these deaths while uncovering the truth behind the Project.

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Buy The Other End at Amazon

The Other End

By John Shirley

This apocalyptic thriller, which combines science fiction and horror, follows Jim Swift—a Sacramento reporter who is investigating a series of strange reports of evildoers having visions and reexamining their lives. But that’s only the beginning. Soon the Adjusters will be arriving from beyond—and everything is about to change for good. 

Buy The Forge of God at Amazon

The Forge of God

By Greg Bear

In the science fiction community, the name Greg Bear needs no introduction. In the first book in his Forge of Gods series, which was nominated for a Nebula, Hugo, and Locus Award, the world enters its final days. From Jupiter’s moon disappearing, to a granite mountain appearing in Australia, something is happening—and it seems there’s nothing we can do to stop it. Fans of the pre-apocalyptic aspect of Hard Sun will love this hard science fiction novel.

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Buy The Green Gene at Amazon

The Green Gene

By Peter Dickinson

In a dystopian society, anyone of Celtic descent is born with green skin and forced to live in segregated areas. Knowing of the prejudice the English have against the Celts, an Indian doctor travels from Bombay to London after solving the mystery of why they’re born green. But when he tries to tell the English about his discovery, he’s shocked by their reaction. And after his host family is murdered, he realizes that his knowledge has put him in grave danger.

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The Last Policeman

By Ben H. Winters

The world is going to end in six short months. An asteroid hovers above Earth, and everyone has abandoned their day-to-day. Everyone except for Detective Hank Palace, that is. Though humanity has given up, he’s still investigating a suspicious death. This Edgar Award-winning novel begs the question: What would you do if you had nothing to lose? 

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Buy Forty Signs of Rain at Amazon

Forty Signs of Rain

By Kim Stanley Robinson

The beginning of the Science in the Capital trilogy, this environmental thriller starts at a time of frustrating politics around global warming. The Arctic ice pack is rapidly melting, and Senate environmental staffer Charlie Quibler is determined to do something before it’s too late. But while he’s battling on the political field, his wife Anna—who works at the National Science Foundation—receives a proposal for a technology that could stop global warming in its tracks. But they’re both running out of time as a storm is approaching…

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