What Should I Read Next? Find a Sci-Fi or Fantasy Book You'll Love

The quest for your next book ends here.

what should I read next
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Sci-Fi Recommendations

Buy The Alien Years at Amazon

The Alien Years

By Robert Silverberg

Buy Alif the Unseen at Amazon

Alif the Unseen

By G. Willow Wilson

Buy The Quadrail Series Books 1–3 at Amazon

The Quadrail Series Books 1–3

By Timothy Zahn

Buy Going, Going, Gone at Amazon

Going, Going, Gone

By Jack Womack

Buy Operation Chaos and Operation Luna at Amazon

Operation Chaos and Operation Luna

By Poul Anderson

Buy The Disappearance at Amazon

The Disappearance

By Philip Wylie

Fantasy Recommendations

what should I read next


By Robert F. Jones

Buy Fair Peril at Amazon

Fair Peril

By Nancy Springer

Buy Sea King Trilogy at Amazon

Sea King Trilogy

By Nancy Springer

what to read next Enemy


By Betsy Dornbusch

Buy All Hallows' Eve at Amazon

All Hallows' Eve

By Charles Williams

Buy The Anger of Achilles at Amazon

The Anger of Achilles

By Robert Graves

Buy The Sword of Bedwyr at Amazon

The Sword of Bedwyr

By R. A. Salvatore

Short Story Collections and Anthologies

Buy Tales of Old Earth at Amazon

Tales of Old Earth

By Michael Swanwick

Buy Swords and Ice Magic at Amazon

Swords and Ice Magic

By Fritz Leiber

Buy Are You Loathsome Tonight? at Amazon

Are You Loathsome Tonight?

By Poppy Z. Brite

Buy Blue World at Amazon

Blue World

By Robert R. McCammon

Buy Dancing at the Edge of the World at Amazon

Dancing at the Edge of the World

By Ursula K. Le Guin

Buy Ascendancies at Amazon


By Bruce Sterling

Buy Don't Panic at Amazon

Don't Panic

By Neil Gaiman