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Cyberpunk Stories

“The sky above the port was the color of television, tuned to a dead channel.” This opening line of William Gibson’s iconic 1984 novel Neuromancer encapsulates the aesthetic and attitude of cyberpunk, a sci-fi subgenre said to be characterized by a mixture of ‘high tech and low life.’ Cyberpunk tropes such as cyborgs https://theportalist.com/sci-fi-subgenres, augmented and virtual reality, and busy metropolises filled with seedy characters can be seen in everything from classic films like Bladerunner to recent video games and tabletop RPGs. Whether you’re curious about how cyberpunk fiction will shape our real-life near future, or more interested in the wisdom of cyberpunk authors such as Gibson, Bruce Sterling, Pat Cadigan, Neal Stephenson, and other futurists and innovators, The Portalist’s cyberpunk tag has you covered. Plug in your headset, prepare your avatar, and explore.


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