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12 Geeky Face Masks to Keep You Safe and Stylish During Coronavirus

You need to wear a mask, but quarantine doesn't have to cramp your style. 

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From Batman's cowl to The Mandalorian's helmet, sci-fi and fantasy made masks cool long before they became a public safety necessity. 

So on your next necessary quarantine outing to the grocery store, pharmacy, or other essential service, embrace this opportunity to ditch your isolation uniform of sweatpants and pajamas and embrace your nerdiness with a fun mask. 

From Marvel Comics to The X-Files, Ghostbusters to Doctor Who, these geeky face masks show everyone who you are — from six feet away, of course. 

The Child


geek face masks the child the mandalorian

This is the way: wearing a face mask everywhere you go. If you’re looking for a more stylish way to cover up, this Star Wars Mandalorian-themed face mask is one to show off proudly, even if from a distance.

TeePublic masks come with the option of one or two layers of protection (we recommend two, although their double-layer masks have a more limited color palette). 

For each non-medical-grade mask sold, the company pledges to donate a medical-grade mask to the nonprofit Direct Relief. More information on TeePublic masks can be found here.  

Geroni-meow Doctor Who Mask

geeky face masks

Need a little Who-vian magic right meow? This unique design will show off your love for both felines and Gallifreyans. 

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geek face masks ghostbusters

Bust your chances of COVID-19 transmission with this Ghostbusters logo mask. It’ll be sure to frighten those around you into backing up a safe six feet. 

Catnip Everdeen

geeky face masks Hunger Games Catnip Everdeen

Take some inspiration from the heroes of Panem with this twist on Katniss Everdeen of Suzanne Collins' The Hunger Games series.  

Marvel Comics


geek face masks marvel comics

If your kid is having a hard time keeping their mask on, this nerdy Marvel Comics-themed adjustable mask will make necessary outings more bearable. 

With sizes available for the whole family, each and every member of your household can wear their favorite characters out on the town.

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The X-Files "I Want to Leave" Patch


geek face masks the x files i want to leave

Let’s face it: quarantine can be draining. 

Sometimes, you just want to leave—your bed, your house, maybe even this planet. With this The X-Files inspired “ I Want to Leave” patch face mask, you better believe people will get the message.

Game of Thrones: House Stark


geek face masks game of thrones house stark

Winter is coming. Don’t let the coronavirus come with it. Protect yourself, and others, with this Game of Thrones House Stark face mask, and show that the North remembers the importance of wearing a face-covering.

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Lord of the Rings Mask


geeky face masks Lord of the Rings

Let your geek flag fly high as a Fellbeast with this The Lord of the Rings mask. This Elvish inscription may confuse a few, but will signal to all who are in the know exactly what you’ve been marathoning while stuck at home.

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The Weeping Angels


geek face masks doctor who weeping angels

See no angel, hear no angel, speak no angel. Doctor Who’s iconic Weeping Angels make a bold and fitting statement on this geeky face mask. But be careful: they may freeze anyone who gets too close.



geek face masks batman

Batman has come to the rescue. If you’re struggling to pick a perfectly nerdy new face mask, look no further than this Batman one. Adjustable and waterproof, Batman will brave everything that comes your way right beside you.

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Harley Quinn


geek face masks harley quinn

Pay subtle tribute to your favorite badass female superhero with this Harley Quinn printed mask. Featuring her iconic print, this face mask makes a bold statement. 

Supernatural Symbols


geek face masks supernatural symbols

Ward off any evil that may come your way with this Supernatural-inspired mask featuring symbols, words, and charms from the hit television show. 

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Featured image via TeePublic.