Cat Names for Your Nerdy Feline

    Searching for the right name for a new furry friend? Allow us to be of assistance.

    There’s really nothing like a text from a friend that reads, “HELP ME NAME MY NEW KITTIES!” I’m the geeky type, as are most of my friends, so when this happened recently, the three of us suggested all sorts of nerdy names my friend could give her two new adoptees.   

    While she didn’t end up taking our advice—the two little ones are named Tempest and Zephyr, after mythological storm and wind spirits, respectively—it inspired me to come up with some new names for potential future kitty friends.    

    Some of my absolute favorite nerdy cat names are below, from more obviously geeky names to others that might fly a little more under the radar.  Have a furry friend with a name that's not listed here? Share it in the comments!

    Catnip Everdeen 

    The Hunger Games

    For the furry friend that's not about to go down without a fight.



    This “nimble and powerful” playable character is cute and deadly. Remind you of any pets you know?


    How to Train Your Dragon

    Hiccup’s black dragon always did seem pretty catlike.

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    The Legend of Korra

    A red panda, not a cat, but still one of the cutest animated companions ever.


    Harry Potter

    A great name for the grumpy pet that you’re 500% sure would stomp the Whomping Willow for you.

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    Harry Pawter

    Harry Potter

    The Cat Who Lived. Nine times.

    Pawl Atreides


    Because it just makes sense to name your cat after a self-proclaimed messiah.


    Attack on Titan

    Mikasa Ackerman is worth a thousand soldiers. Just like your kitten.

    The Kitten Lestat

    Anne Rice's Vampire Chronicles

    For your nocturnal companion who's slightly less likely to bite you than an actual vampire is.

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    The Doc-Purr

    Doctor Who

    Let's be real: you've always wanted to be a Companion, and with a cat in your life, you're definitely not the protagonist anymore.

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    Alanna of Trebond

    The Song of the Lioness quartet

    Nothing screams kitty loyalty like naming your fierce protectress after Tamora Pierce's classic lady knight.



    For a cat who'll protect the world from devastation.

    Meowyl Dixon

    The Walking Dead

    Because everyone could use some extra defense in case of zombie apocalypse.

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    Pokemon Sun and Moon

    Or, you could go for a modern update. 

    Bonus: As your kitten evolves into a cat, you can rename them to Torracat or Incineroar.

    Aaron Purr

    Hamilton: An American Musical

    Photo Credit: Aaron Purr

    The perfect name for a cat that's inimitable, original, and doesn't mind listening to you singing along to showtunes.

    Squire Gingivere


    This vegetarian feline from Brian Jacques’ classic Redwall book series would makes a great namesake for a gentle-hearted cat.


    The Worlds of Chrestomanci

    Diana Wynne Jones' debonair nine-lived sorceror.


    Lord of the Rings

    Legolas may not have nine lives, exactly, but he definitely lives long enough to come close.


    A Song of Ice and Fire

    For the cat who's totally convinced she's the Mother of Dragons.

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    The Alien series

    For your spider-hunting cat—because spiders are basically the same thing as xenomorphs, right?

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    Selina Kyle

    DC Comics

    Naming your feline after DC's Catwoman is especially perfect if you already have a Doberman named Bruce Wayne.



    You can't take the sky—or any of her toys—away from her.


    Star Wars 

    A fitting name for a furry companion on all your adventures in a galaxy, far away.

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    Assassin's Creed

    The protagonist of the original parkour assassination game—so essentially a cat on hind legs.


    Marvel Comics

    A fictional African kingdom ruled by the Black Panther, aka King T'Challa (which would also make a pretty rad cat name).


    Star Wars

    Step back through the franchise to give your cat a name fit for a queen.

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    Star Trek

    The first name of the Enterprise's chief communications officer Uhura, and Swahili for "star."



    For a kitty who thinks she's a space explorer.


    Marvel Comics

    There's Spider everything already, why not add a Spider-Cat to the mix? They can even hang out with Spider-Pig.

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    Sailor Moon

    Every magical girl needs a companion, and Sailor Moon's companion, Luna, is the talking cat we all deserve.

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    Cat-lo Ren

    Star Wars: The Force Awakens

    For the pet that's moody, constantly irritated, yet still beloved by a wide fanbase.

    Of course, there are way too many nerdy kitty names to include here. Did you give your cat a delightfully geeky name? Let me know in the comments!

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