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This Is The Way: Baby Yoda Stuff That Mandalorian Fans Will Love

Take home The Child with this cute Mando merchandise.

Baby Yoda The Mandalorian Featured
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While we wait for The Mandolorian Season Two to arrive on Disney+ in October, we're going through Baby Yoda withdrawal. The adorable green scene-stealer— known as 'The Child' in the world of the show, but 'Baby Yoda' to his many adoring fans — recruited a cult following in the first season of the Star Wars series. 

Thankfully, you can get your adorable-Yoda fix right now through Mandalorian products that are both fun and functional. We've rounded up the best Baby Yoda stuff out there to delight fans both young and old, from plush, huggable dolls and toys to Force-sensitive clothing.

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The Child Plush Toy


Baby Yoda Plush Toy The Mandalorian

This adorable figure is delivered to you in a 'floating' crib, and is soft yet sturdy. It's perfect for any child (or adult!) to cuddle with, but also stable enough to be displayed. 

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Baby Yoda Froggy Snack & Force Moment Figures


Baby Yoda Frog Snack and Force Concentration Figures

Baby Yoda truly represents the duality of Yoda-kind. The two figures in this pack show off both the intense concentration and discipline required to use the Force, and the carefree abandon of savoring a tasty meal. 

Mom + Pop The Child Soft Suede Toy


Mom+Pop Baby Yoda Plush Doll

If you have kids, they'll love this incredibly soft plush toy. But honestly, this irresistibly cute and cuddly green infant will soothe someone of any age to an easy sleep. May the hugs be with you!

"Baby on Board, There Is" Vinyl Sticker Decal


Baby Yoda On Board There Is Decal Sticker

Fade-resistant and waterproof with an outdoor lifespan of 4+ years with proper care, this decal is perfect for new parents showing off their baby human. Just make sure to scrape it off if there's a tracking fob in the neighborhood. 

"Clean/Dirty" Dishwasher Magnet


Baby Yoda Clean to Dirty Dishwasher Magnet

It's easy to be skeptical when told you can make chores easier and fun, but making chores cuter is a fresh approach that can work! Great for dishwashers and even laundry machines, these clean/dirty indicator plates also come with an adhesive back for non-magnetic surfaces.

Baby Yoda Cup Cover for Phone Grips


Pocksocket Baby Yoda Phone Grip

Already own a pop grip for your phone? Have the slurping child prop up your smartphone with what feels the Force, letting you watch videos hands-free!

The Child 20oz Insulated Tumbler, Stainless Steel


Baby Yoda Insulated Tumbler

Keeping beverages (or bone broth) cold up to 24 hours and hot for eight, rep your love for The Child with this vacuum insulation and copper-lined tumbler. This tumbler is stainless steel and leak-resistant, with an easy-close lid even a 50-year-old baby could use.  

Baby Yoda Badge Reel


Baby Yoda Badge Reel

Make yourself even more approachable with this cute Baby Yoda badge reel. With so many cards and scanners being used in modern professions, brighten up your coworkers' mornings and afternoons with this adorable addition to your daily uniform. 

"Precious Cargo" Pocket T-Shirt


Baby Yoda "Precious Cargo" T-Shirt

You'll be safeguarding "Precious Cargo" every time you wear this cute Star Wars t-shirt. The Child may technically be older than many human parents, but he's still small enough to fit inside this tiny faux-pocket.

The Mandalorian Logo The Child T-Shirt


The Mandalorian Baby Yoda T-Shirt

Let the cuteness flow through you with every wear of this adorable apparel. Great for any fan of the Disney+ series, this shirt will inspire everyone around you to burst into adoration over The Child. 

Featured still from "The Mandalorian" via Lucasfilm