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20 Must-Read Space Opera Books

Take an adventure among the stars with these must-read sagas. 

20 must read space opera books


Vatta's War series

military scifi books

Trading in Danger

By Elizabeth Moon

The Interdependency series

the interdependency series

The Interdependency Series

The Sentients of Orion series


Sentients of Orion

By Marianne de Pierres

The Imperial Radch trilogy

best science fiction books

Ancillary Justice

By Ann Leckie

Lensman series



By E. E. "Doc" Smith

The Vorkosigan saga

2017 hugo awards

Falling Free (The Vorkosigan Saga Book 1)

By Lois McMaster Bujold



By Samuel R. Delany

The Wayfarers series

books like Mass Effect becky chambers long way to a small angry planet

The Long Way to a Small, Angry Planet

By Becky Chambers

13 powerful standalone sci fi books

The Stars Are Legion

By Kameron Hurley

The Culture series

Consider Phlebas

Consider Phlebas

By Iain M. Banks

The Teixcalaan duology 

a memory of empire

A Memory Called Empire

By Arkady Martine

The Uplift saga 


Startide Rising

By David Brin

The Highroad trilogy


A Passage of Stars

By Kate Elliott

Machineries of Empire series

books like the mandalorian ninefox gambit

Ninefox Gambit

By Yoon Ha Lee

The Seafort saga

the seafort saga David Feintuch

The Seafort Saga Books 1–3

By David Feintuch

The Saga of Seven Suns 

the saga of seven suns

Hidden Empire

By Kevin J. Anderson

The Diadem saga

The Diadem Saga

The Diadem Saga Books 1–3

By Jo Clayton

Hyperion Cantos

scary creatures sci-fi Hyperion The Shrike Dan Simmons


By Dan Simmons

The Expanse

Leviathan Wakes James S. A. Corey

Leviathan Wakes

By James S.A. Corey