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10 Bigfoot Books That Will Make You Want to Believe

Get to know the woods' biggest secret. 

Bigfoot books Return to Dyatlov Pass

A rotting smell in the forest air. The sound of snapping branches. Two glowing eyes stare at you through the foliage at night. If these scenarios make your senses scream 'Sasquatch!,' then you're probably a Bigfoot believer—or at least a jumpy skeptic.

Regardless of whether you believe in the bipedal cryptid, these fiction and nonfiction Bigfoot books will grip you. From horrifying to heartfelt and humorous, these entertaining reads will help you explore the forest...just don't stray too far from the path. 

Fiction Books

Bigfoot books


By Max Brooks

Max Brooks’ follow-up novel to the iconic World War Z is set in a new-age community in the Pacific Northwest woods near Mount Rainier. 

Told primarily through diary entries, the book follows Kate, newcomer to a high-tech neighborhood owned by a Jeff Bezos-type billionaire. When Mount Rainier erupts, the community is suddenly cut off from society. They have enough food and energy to survive until they’re rescued, but mysterious forces in the woods may prevent them from lasting that long.

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Mountain King Rick Hautala

The Mountain King

By Rick Hautala

Love pulpy horror?The Mountain King is full of it. 

When he witnesses something inexplicable on a Maine mountain during a snowstorm, Mark— once a skeptic—is convinced the forest hides a monstrosity.

This quest for the truth is complicated by Mark’s troubles with the law, which bring him straight into the dark heart of the mountain.

The Abominable Dan Simmons

The Abominable

By Dan Simmons

Abominable, by The Terror author Dan Simmons, combines Yeti lore, international intrigue, and  the excitement of mountaineering. 

The year is 1924. A team of mountaineers are on a mission to summit Everest and recover the bodies of legendary missing climbers George Mallory and Sandy Irvine. But the cold and altitude aren’t the most dangerous features of the unforgiving mountain...

Bigfoot Dreams

Bigfoot Dreams

By Francine Prose

When she fabricates a story about two children finding the Fountain of Youth in Flatbush, Vera loses her journalism job and her marriage. 

Vera's unraveling life—and her newfound association with the strange and unusual—takes her to Arizona, where she joins the Cryptobiological Society on a search for Bigfoot. But while looking for the fabled creature, Vera may find herself as well.



By Jeff Strand

This Bram Stoker-nominated novel follows a boy’s friendship with a monster from the woods, but it’s nowhere near as wholesome as Harry and the Hendersons

Toby is friends with the monster, Owen, who lives in the forest by his house. As. Toby matures, he gets over his fear of Owen, and grows  increasingly attached to the beast. But what does it say about Owen's future that he’s most at home with the scary creature who lives in the woods?

Return to Dyatlov Pass J.H. Moncrieff

Return to Dyatlov Pass

By J.H. Moncrieff

True crime fans will no doubt be familiar with the real-life Dyatlov Pass incident, in which nine Russian students were brutally killed by an unknown force while on a ski trip. 

In Moncrieff's novel, podcast host Nat McPherson travels to the Ural Mountains to research the students’ fates, 50 years after their gruesome deaths. Her local guide insists that Yetis played a role in the tragedy, but Nat is incredulous—until more people begin to die in the inhospitable pass. 

How to Carry Bigfoot Home

How to Carry Bigfoot Home

By Chris Tarry

This short story anthology from Pushcart-nominated writer Chris Tarry marries the absurd and the human. 

As author Stefan Merrill Block writes, “What would happen if some mad scientist were able to fuse the otherworldly exuberance of H.P. Lovecraft with the nuanced pathos of John Cheever? . . . A writer named Chris Tarry.”

Nonfiction Books

Abominable Science!

Abominable Science!

By Daniel Loxton, Donald R. Prothero

This comprehensive book explores the cultural significance, geographical variations, and scientific plausibility of five major cryptids. 

Bigfoot fans will find this gently-skeptical book a fun, fair, and fascinating look at the science of Bigfoot/Sasquatch/Yeti research. 

The Legend of Bigfoot

The Legend of Bigfoot

By T. S. Mart, Mel Cabre

Featuring 80 images and plenty of first-hand accounts, The Legend of Bigfoot explores the many variations of the Bigfoot legend from across history and the country. 

The World's Weirdest Places

The World's Weirdest Places

By Nick Redfern

In The World's Weirdest Places, cryptozoologist and ufologist Nick Redfern takes readers on an international tour through the homes of iconic cryptids like Bigfoot. From Loch Ness to Mount Shasta, the places explored in this book will fill you with awe and horror. 

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