5 Compelling Creatures from Cryptozoology

    The truth is out there.

    From the mysterious Mothman to the mighty megalodon, the annals of cryptozoology are full of awesome creatures that continue to frighten and fascinate humans. 

    Below are five of the strangest, most intriguing creatures of all. Do they truly exist? Or are they merely the product of folk stories, urban legends, and imagination run amok? We'll let you decide for yourself. As for us, we want to believe. 

    The Pope Lick Monster

    cryptozoology creatures
    Photo Credit: Cryptid Wikia

    The Pope Lick Monster is described as having the head and legs of a goat with a human body. It's said to employ a bloody axe, leaping down from the train trestle over Louisville, Kentucky's Pope Lick Creek to attack passing cars. Other stories allege that it uses hypnosis or mimics the voice of friends and loved ones to lure its victims onto the railroad bridge and in front of an oncoming train. READ MORE 


    megalodon sightings Meg Steve Alten
    Photo Credit: Cover of Steve Alten's book Meg

    Humans are fascinated by sharks. And the larger the shark is, the tighter its grip on our collective imagination. C. megalodon is thought to have grown to approximately 60 feet long, and to have gone extinct around 2.6 million years ago. However, not everyone is convinced that megalodon is dead and gone. Some believers think the massive shark is alive and well and living undiscovered in the Earth's oceans—and they often point to alleged sightings as evidence. READ MORE 

    Steller's Sea Ape

    cryptozoology creatures

    During the grueling Great Northern Expedition of 1740, naturalist Georg Wilhem Steller came face-to-face with one of the sea's most mysterious creatures. Or did he? READ MORE 


    Mothman documentary feature Mothman of Point Pleasant
    Photo Credit: Small Town Monsters

    Since the reports began in West Virginia in 1966, the mysterious winged creature known as Mothman has allegedly appeared at sites where major disasters are about to occur. Is the Mothman a monster bent on wreaking destruction? Or a supernatural force sent to warn of impending danger? READ MORE 

    The Maryland Goatman

    cryptozoology creatures
    Photo Credit: Walt Disney Studios

    The Maryland Goatman of Prince Georges County, Maryland has been sighted since the 1950s, and is probably the best-known and most persistent variation on the goatman story in the United States. Like many other urban legends, the Goatman is fond of lovers' lanes, where he is often spotted by teenage couples. READ MORE 

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