21 Space Adventures to Keep You Going Until The Expanse Returns

If the Expanse books aren't enough to tide you over until the television series returns, these captivating narratives should do the trick.

The Expanse
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Buy Skeen's Leap at Amazon

Skeen's Leap

By Jo Clayton

Buy Earthlight at Amazon


By Arthur C. Clarke

Buy After Doomsday at Amazon

After Doomsday

By Poul Anderson


Buy The Planet Killers at Amazon

The Planet Killers

By Robert Silverberg

Buy Sentients of Orion at Amazon

Sentients of Orion

By Marianne de Pierres

Buy Echoes of Earth at Amazon

Echoes of Earth

By Sean Williams and Shane Dix

Buy The Omega Point Trilogy at Amazon

The Omega Point Trilogy

By George Zebrowski

Buy A Choice of Treasons at Amazon

A Choice of Treasons

By J. L. Doty

Buy Alien Bounty at Amazon

Alien Bounty

By William C. Dietz

space adventures expanse books red rising

Red Rising

By Pierce Brown

Behind the Throne

Behind the Throne

By K.B. Wagers


space adventures expanse books downbelow station

Downbelow Station

By C.J. Cherryh

space adventures expanse books praxis

The Praxis

By Walter Jon Williams

All Systems Red

All Systems Red

By Martha Wells

A Fire Upon the Deep

A Fire Upon the Deep

By Vernor Vinge

The Cold Between

The Cold Between

By Elizabeth Bonesteel

Nebula Award nominees Six Wakes

Six Wakes

By Muir Lafferty



By Brian K. Vaughan



By Dan Simmons