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10 Exceptional David Gerrold Books

Action-packed & thought-provoking, these works represent the best of the Star Trek writer.

by MacKenzie Stuart

8 Brutally Honest Harlan Ellison Quotes

These punchy words of wisdom by the award-winning science fiction writer are as insightful as they are witty.

by MacKenzie Stuart

Captain Picard May Return As CBS Explores a New Star Trek Frontier

The studio is reportedly developing at least four new series set within the Star Trek universe—including one that may involve Patrick Stewart. 

by Allison Wild

[CLOSED] Win a Vulcan Script Star Trek Necklace from RockLove

Celebrate Trek's commitment to Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations with this Star Trek 50th anniversary necklace.

by The Portalist Staff

It's Time to Embrace the Hive Mind

From The Borg in Star Trek to the bugs in Empire of the Ants, sci-fi is full of sinister hive minds. But is that scary reputation justified?

by L.W. Martin

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