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The Best Completed Fantasy Series, As Chosen By Our Readers

We asked, you answered. 

complete fantasy series
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We asked our readers about their favorite completed fantasy series, and received some fantastic suggestions in return. 

These fantasy series are set in magical worlds full of adventure, memorable characters, and infinite possibilities. They make the perfect read, particularly for readers who prefer some closure with their fantasy. 

Whether you're a fantasy fanatic or just looking to switch up your TBR list, these series will have you enthralled all the way from the first book to the last. And if you need even more ideas for what to pick up next, take a look at all the great suggestions we got from Portalist readers!

Lens of the World Trilogy

Lens of the World

Lens of the World

By R. A. MacAvoy

MacAvoy creates a brilliant coming-of-age fantasy in a medieval world with the Lens of the World trilogy. Nazhuret is a parentless outcast. When he is forced out of the military Royal School of Sordaling, he's mentored by a strange man called Powl. 

Living with the eccentric Powl, Nazhuret is forced to prove himself, learning astronomy, languages, swordsmanship, and even mind and body control.

Once he leaves Powl, Nazhuret embarks on a long journey of self-discovery. Making his way through darkness, war, and death, Nazhuret rises to the challenges of his destiny. 

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The Earthsea Cycle Series

best fantasy books

A Wizard of Earthsea

By Ursula K. Le Guin

Ged is a powerful sorcerer in the archipelagic world of Earthsea. However, as a young boy he was the hubristic Sparrowhawk. After accidentally releasing a dark shadow onto the world and tampering with long-held secrets, Ged must restore the balance.

This first tale in the epic Earthsea series follows Ged as he goes to epic lengths to prove himself — and then to heal the world from the harms he's caused. 

The Fionavar Tapestry

The Summer Tree

The Summer Tree

By Guy Gavriel Kay

This series is set partly in the contemporary world, and partly in the fantastical world of Fionavar. Five University of Toronto graduate students meet a man by chance who, unknown to them, will completely change their lives

This man is a mage, and he brings the five students to the first of all worlds, Fionavar. There, among gods and myths, these students will be forced to uncover the truth of who they are. They will be tested to see just how much they are willing to sacrifice. 

Fionavar stands on the brink of a great war, and only these five can stop it. 

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The Adventures of Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser

The Adventures of Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser Volume One

The Adventures of Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser Volume One

By Fritz Leiber

Lieber’s fantastical sword and sorcery series takes place in the world of Nehwon. The narrative follows Fafhrd, a young prince; and an apprentice magician, the Grey Mouser, as the two forge a lifelong friendship and travel on adventures together. 

In “The Snow Woman,” Fafhrd feels freedom when he can escape his mother’s enchantments through pursuing the love of a beautiful actress. “The Unholy Grail” follows Mouse as he crosses a line between white and black magic to avenge a great offense. 

Finally, in “Ill Met in Lankhmar,” the friends disguise themselves as beggars in order to invade the Thieves’ Guild. However, their greed carries a price. 

Dragonriders of Pern



By Anne McCaffrey

With 23-plus novels in its entirety, the science-fantasy Dragonriders of Pern series is an exciting adventure from start to finish. 

In the beautiful world of Pern, Lessa is an outcast who has survived many challenges in her life. With her parents murdered and her birthright stolen, Lessa has never stopped dreaming of revenge.

When an ancient threat to Pern reemerges and attempts to destroy all that exists, Lessa will rise from the ashes. Specifically, she will rise on the back of a dragon with which she shares a special telepathic connection. Together, they will change the fate of Pern forever.

The Lord of the Rings (Tolkien's legendarium)


The Lord of the Rings

By J.R.R. Tolkien

In ancient times, the Rings of Power were forged into the One Ring by the Elven-smiths and the Dark Lord Sauron. The One Ring was built to give Sauron the power to control and rule all others, but it was taken from him and remains lost to him.

After many ages, the Ring has fallen into the hands of Bilbo Baggins, whose story is told in The Hobbit. When Bilbo entrusts his young cousin Frodo with the Ring in The Fellowship of the Ring, Frodo must make a dangerous journey through Middle-earth to the Cracks of Doom.

There he must destroy the Ring, and the Dark Lord’s evil purpose.

The Chronicles of Thomas Covenant the Unbeliever

Lord Foul's Bane Stephen R. Donaldson

Lord Foul's Bane

By Stephen Donaldson

Thomas Covenant is called the Unbeliever, because he refuses to believe in the new alternate world he suddenly finds himself in. But in this new Land, Thomas no longer feels the pain of his illness and loneliness, and he's hailed as the reincarnation of Berek Halfhand, the Land’s greatest hero. 

If he is who the people of this Land believe him to be, then he can protect the Lords of the Land from ancient evil Lord Foul. But first, Thomas must figure out how to use his new power. 

The Wheel of Time 


The Eye of the World

By Robert Jordan

The Wheel of Time is a fourteen-volume series (or longer, if you count the prequels and sister novels) written by Jordan and completed by Brandon Sanderson. The series draws on themes found in Buddhism, Hinduism, and Taoism including balance, duality, and a respect for nature. 

The first novel in the series, published in 1990, is The Eye of the World.

When an army of monsters called Trollocs attack The Two Rivers, only five villagers manage to escape into the night. They leave behind all they ever knew to enter into a world full of mystery and danger.

The Riftwar Saga

Magician: Apprentice Raymond E. Feist

Magician: Apprentice

By Raymond Feist

The orphan named Pug has travelled to the shores of the Kingdom of the Isles in order to study under the magician Kulgan. But even after he earns respect from the court and the love of a princess, Pug is uncomfortable with the normalities of magic.

Pug’s unusual well of power suddenly threatens the fate of the world. Pug must fight for survival — his, and others — as a rift opens between worlds, loosing dark beings on innocents. 

The Chronicles of Amber

Chronicles of Amber

Nine Princes in Amber

By Robert Zelazny

Award-winning Roger Zelazny is one of the most well-known names in genre fiction, andThe Chronicles of Amber is arguably his most popular creation. 

When Carl Corey wakes up in a secluded New York hospital with no memory, he's determined to get answers. As he begins to investigate, piece-by-piece the truth comes out.

Carl discovers he is really Prince Corwin of Amber. He is one of nine men who might rule Amber, the one true world in which Earth is nothing more than a shadow. However, to get the crown, Prince Corwin must contest his older brother, Eric. 

The Majipoor Cycle

Lord Valentine's Castle

Lord Valentine's Castle

By Robert Silverberg

Robert Silverberg tells the intricate science-fantasy stories of the inhabitants of planet Majipoor. The main series can be divided into two trilogies: the Lord Valentine Cycle, and the Lord Prestimion Cycle, which is set earlier in the history of Majipoor.

In the Lord Valentine Cycle, Silverberg introduces a vagabond with no recollection of his past. Calling himself Valentine, he wanders the world with entertainers.

When Valentine begins to receive transmissions in his dreams, he realizes he is more than just a wandering performer — he is a lord who has had everything taken from him. And he'll do whatever he can to reclaim his birthright.