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15 Zombie Shows to Stream When You're Craving Brains

Take a bite out of these dark series. 

15 zombie shows for when youre craving brains
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  • Still from 'The Walking Dead.'Photo Credit: American Movie Classics (AMC)

As streaming has transitioned audiences into watching longer series with larger casts, the zombie hasn't been left shambling behind. We rounded up 15 zombie shows you can stream right now—or whenever you’re craving brains.

The Walking Dead

the walking dead
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  • Photo Credit: American Movie Classics (AMC)

This seminal show begins with Sheriff Rick Grimes waking up from a coma to an apocalyptic nightmare. He leads a group of survivors as they make their way in this new zombie-filled world. 

With the eleventh and final season airing now, The Walking Dead has plenty of thrills to keep you awake long past your bedtime.


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  • Photo Credit: Warner Bros. Television

To keep from turning into a typical, homicidal zombie, Olivia “Liv” Moore works as a medical examiner and eats the brains of the dead. 

When she discovers that eating brains gives her temporary insight into the deceased's memories and personalities, she uses this ability to solve murders in the Seattle area.

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Z Nation

z nation
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  • Photo Credit: Go2 Digital Media

Alvin Murphy is humanity’s only hope. Days before a deadly outbreak, prisoner Alvin Murphy was injected with an experimental vaccine that made him immune to infection from zombie bites. Now, he's evolving into some kind of hybrid human with the power to control the undead.

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Black Summer

black summer
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  • Photo Credit: The Asylum

Although set in the same world as Z Nation, Black Summer is more brutal than its darkly-humorous predecessor. 

When a deadly plague turns people into zombies, a mother searching for her daughter bands with other survivors. This is a gritty, deeply-unsettling take on the zombie apocalypse. The show doesn’t offer many answers, choosing to focus instead on the uncertainty, terror, and chaos an outbreak would create.

The Santa Clarita Diet

the santa clarita diet
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  • Photo Credit: Garfield Grove Productions

When a real estate agent is bitten by a zombie, her family tries to find a solution for her new craving for human flesh. This is a fun, quirky take on the zombie trope, with plenty of laughs mixed with a hefty serving of gore.

Fear the Walking Dead

fear the walking dead
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  • Photo Credit: American Movie Classics (AMC)

Fear of the Walking Dead is one of several The Walking Dead spinoffs. The first three seasons focus on a family at the start of the zombie uprising. As the series progresses, the storyline crosses more directly with the events of The Walking Dead, offering a different perspective on the zombie apocalypse.

All Of Us Are Dead

all of us are dead
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  • Photo Credit: Film Monster Co.

After a science experiment, a South Korean high school is overrun with zombies. The surviving students are trapped without supplies, and have no way to contact the outside world. Based on a popular Webtoon, All of Us Are Dead is an emotionally-charged thriller with a nightmarish bite.

Reality Z

reality z
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  • Photo Credit: Conspiração Filmes

This Brazilian webseries is based on the British zombie show Dead Set.

A group of reality television stars are filming the successful series Olympus when a zombie outbreak takes over Rio de Janeiro. The actors are soon locked in the studio, fighting to survive. 


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  • Photo Credit: Netflix

17-year-old Josh Wheeler joins a misfit gang of kids when he searches for his missing girlfriend in post-apocalyptic Southern California. This is a witty teenage drama that feels a bit like Ferris Bueller's Day Off but with zombies.

Day of the Dead

the day of the dead
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  • Photo Credit: Abbott Street Films

Based on the movie of the same name, Day of the Dead follows six strangers trying to survive the undead for the first 24 hours of a zombie apocalypse. 

A drama packed with a fair share of jump scares and gore, Day of the Dead focuses on how monstrous humans can be in the face of disaster. 

Ash Vs. Evil Dead

ash vs evil dead
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  • Photo Credit: Starz Originals

30 years after the events of the Evil Dead movies, Ash Williams is trying to live a simple life. He stocks the shelves at Value Stop and spends his free time drinking in bars. 

But when the Deadites return, Ash has to once again fight to save humanity.

Death Valley

death valley
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  • Photo Credit: Liquid Theory

This dark comedy mockumentary follows the Undead Task Force (UTF). This new division in the LAPD was created after multiple monsters emerged in Los Angeles, including vampires, zombies, and werewolves. 

Everything in this series is over-the-top delightful, including the sarcasm, violence, and gore.


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  • Photo Credit: AStory

Set in 16th century Korea shortly after the Japanese invade, Kingdom follows several characters as they try to stop a zombie outbreak from taking over the countryside. 

It’s a tense, brutal show, with shocking cliffhangers we promise you'll never see coming.

The Returned

the returned
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  • Photo Credit: Haut et Court

This adaptation of French series Les Revenants is set in a small town where sometimes the dead come back to life. They reappear as their old selves, and simply try to carry on with their lives. But other strange occurrences begin to plague the village, and it’s up to the residents to find out why.


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  • Photo Credit: AwesomenessTV Production

It’s just a normal Saturday at Kent High. Some students are at the school for extracurricular activities, and others are there for weekend detention. But when a chemical plant explodes, it turns people into zombies—and the students must band together to survive.