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16 Amazing Wheel of Time Podcasts for Every Kind of Fan

Add these Ta’verens to your favorite podcatcher.

17 amazing wheel of time podcasts to fit every fan

The Wheel of Time was first introduced to the world in 1990, and launched an epic series spanning 17 books, a prequel novel, several short stories, multiple fandom communities, comic books, multiple games, a soundtrack, and a television show. Given the incredible amount of content, it should be no surprise that there are dozens of podcasts dedicated to discussing every aspect of the series, from the details of the swords to swooning over the show cast. 

We scanned the airways and compiled 16 amazing Wheel of Time podcasts, with selections for veteran readers as well as new fans. 

The Wheel Weaves

Dani is a first-time reader and Brett is a long-term fan. Together they go through the series, analyzing it chapter by chapter. This podcast is fantastic for new readers, as Dani and Brett keep the content spoiler-free.

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Wheel Takes

This is another podcast hosted by a longtime fan with a newbie. Gus has read the whole of Robert Jordan's book series, and Ali hasn’t. Every week they evaluate the books in detail, and have in-depth discussions on the episodes of the show.

The Dragon Reread

Three fans who read the series when they were younger have joined forces to reread the series, five chapters at a time. Every episode provides a recap of the five chapters, making it easy to catch up or follow along in whatever way is easiest for listeners.

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WoT Spoilers

This podcast is meant for the seasoned Wheel of Time fan. 

Hosts Seth and Aradia embark on a chapter by chapter reread, where they explore hidden meanings, foreshadowing, and other insights into the series. This podcast contains full spoilers!


If you’re looking for an outrageously good time, tWoTCast hosts Jono, Joe, and Tom are here for you. With fun guests, convention antics, re-reads, spoilers, and lots of NSFW content, this podcast is for adult fans with a sense of humor

Tar Valon After Dark

Ever wondered what happens in Tar Valon after dark? Hosts Recappa Sedai, Nae’Blis, and Jess from The Amyrlin’s Study host this comedy podcast from The Thirsty Tinker. They bring a healthy variety of WoT news, fandom-related topics, and laughter to each episode.

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Blood and Ashes: A Wheel of Time Spoilercast

Hosts Moritz, Jody, and Willie are "three middle-aged dads" with a lot of half-faded memories of the WoT series. These episodes are filled with enthusiastic spoilers about their reread, and wild speculation on what they think is coming next.

Queers of Time

Queers of Time is dedicated to exploring all the queer aspects in the books and show. This podcast examines the representation in both, and is full of #Suiaraine appreciation, shipping, and more.

Everybody Hates Rand

Sarah and Emily (and their cat) are two English majors who really hate Rand. Every week, they read two chapters. But they can’t promise the conversation won’t include many other topics that the hosts—and hopefully you—find entertaining.

Randland Wheel of Time TV Podcast

Queer hosts and long-time friends, Jay and Collin, explore anything and everything related to the WoT Amazon show through this spoiler-less podcast. 

4th Age

An early production of the Dragonmount fan community, the 4th Age Legacy episodes are from when the podcast first began back in 2012. They offer a fun insight into how the fan community was built.

Tar Valon or Bust

Jenn and Preeti embark on a rereading adventure roughly a decade after their first read. They discuss the show, offer critical insights, and talk about their personal associations to the series.

The Wheel Reads

Alan leads his co-hosts, Ian and Chris, through their first-time reading the WoT series. Every week the podcast covers several chapters from the books with humor and enthusiasm. 

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The Dusty Wheel

Host Matt Hatch brings his enthusiasm and experience after founding Theoryland.com, one of the earliest and largest online WoT fan communities. As a beta reader for two WoT novels, he brings insider insights, big name guests, and lots of authoritative perspectives to this show.

Dragonmount: The Wheel of Time Podcast

Produced by the leading fan community, this weekly show is dedicated to recaps of the television episodes along with in-depth discussions about the WoT franchise.

The Black Tower

The ultimate WoT experience for hardcore fans, The Black Tower is more than just a podcast. No detail in the series is too small for these hosts to discuss, and if that’s not enough, you can join their forums, discords, or Patreon for even more content.