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15 Spooky Face Masks for Halloween 2020 to Help You Stay Safe (and Scary!)

Keep all kinds of ghouls away.

Halloween 2020 masks feature

Halloween Doodles


spooky masks halloween doodles

Eyes in the Dark


spooky masks eyes in the dark

Vampire Mouth


spooky masks vampire mouth

Dancing Skeletons


spooky masks dancing skeletons

Dripping Blood Illusion


spooky masks dripping blood

Jack Skellington


spooky masks jack skellington

Frankenstein's Monster


spooky masks frankenstein

Occult Cartoons


spooky masks cult cartoons

Flying Bats


spooky masks flying bats

Reaching Hands


spooky masks reaching hands

Creepy Fog


spooky masks creepy fog

Floral Sandworm from Beetlejuice


spooky masks beetlejuice sandworm

Alien Emerges


spooky masks alien emerging from head

Shadow Woman


spooky masks shadow woman



spooky masks jack-o-lanterns