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Geek Gifts: The Portalist's Guide

These geek gifts are sure to please the sci-fi or fantasy fans in your life.

Need help finding a gift for the sci-fi or fantasy fan in your life? The presents here are sure to satisfy geeks of all stripes. From dinosaurs to Doctor Who, clothing to cookbooks, these quirky gifts are both fun and practical. Make someone's birthday, Christmas, or any special occasion with our guide to geek gifts. 

The Portalist may collect a share of sales from the links on this page. 

 Dino Wall Decor 

Mounted deer heads are so last year. This handsome yet terrifying dinosaur is 65 million years in the making. Nothing says, "I really enjoyed Jurassic Park" like a reptilian head protruding from above your fireplace. Prove you’re a clever girl or guy by gifting some truly unique décor this holiday season.   

 Doctor Who Coloring Book 

Does someone you know dream of being taken away by the TARDIS? Do they have nightmares of daleks? Do you wish they had somewhere to color away their obsession with Doctor Who? We can’t guarantee that this coloring book will be bigger on the inside than it is on the outside, but we can guarantee it will delight long-time Doctor Who fans and newcomers alike. 

Canned Dragon Meat 

An excellent gag gift for the wannabe dragon slayer in your life! With nutritious benefits including magic, fire breath, and the ability to terrify any child or knight, this gift is healthy and fun. Add a pitcher of grog and you’ve got yourself a balanced meal.  

 A Feast of Ice and Fire Cookbook 

Speaking of food, help prepare a meal fit for a queen with the Game of Thrones companion cookbook, A Feast of Ice and Fire. With an introduction by George R.R. Martin himself, this is the ultimate gift for any chef hankering for pigeon pie or direwolf bread. Maybe with these recipes, Daenerys will finally make it over for that dinner the two of you keep talking about. 

Fresh Take Leggings in Mathematics 

Is there someone in your life that like, really loves math? Get these them comfy leggings so they can prove it. Bored in class? Solve your pants! Lag in a conversation? Show off your sweet mathematical skills by proving the Pythagorean theorem above your left knee! There's nothing better than someone who's comfortable and smart. 

 Loot Crate 

Give the gift that keeps on giving! Loot Crate is a subscription box service that delivers monthly boxes of geeky themed collectibles, sure to delight nerds of all kinds. Take your pick of themes from Harry Potter to Fallout. Why choose just one gift for someone when you can remind them of your gift giving skills every month?  

'Let It Snow' Jon Snow Ugly Christmas Sweater

If Westeros had an ugly Christmas sweater party, how many people in the Lannister family would show up wearing this sad boy's face? This handmade Christmas sweater is sure to be a hit with the person in your life who knows nothing. While Jon Snow might not know much, you should know what a great gift this is. The Starks' Winter is coming—help your loved ones stay warm with this cozy present. 

Firefly Hoodie

The war may be over, but some browncoats choose not to forget. While Firefly may have ended 15 years ago, most of us still aren't over it, and this hoodie will help those that want to remember. Honor the devoted browncoat in your life with Thinkgeek's big damn hero hoodie—tight pants not included.  

Published on 14 Dec 2016

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