13 Books to Read If You're a Fan of American Gods 

Satisfy your craving for epic tales of gods, magic, and wayward mortals.

books for fans of American Gods
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wild cards books like american gods

Wild Cards

By George R.R. Martin


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Saffron and Brimstone

By Elizabeth Hand

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Fool on the Hill

By Matt Ruff


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Only Begotten Daughter

By James Morrow


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The Salt Roads

By Nalo Hopkinson


The Name of the Wind books like american gods

The Name of the Wind

By Patrick Rothfuss


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The Place of the Lion

By Charles Williams


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Black Heart, Ivory Bones

By Ellen Datlow and Terri Windling


kraken books like american gods


By China Miéville

 The Fault Lines Trilogy 

last call books like american gods

Last Call

By Tim Powers

 The Iron Druid Series 

hounded books like american gods


By Kevin Hearne


books like american gods hundred thousand kingdoms

The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms

By N.K. Jemisin


anansi boy books like american gods

Anansi Boys

By Neil Gaiman