13 Science Fiction Books That Will Tickle Your Funny Bone

Visions of the future are not all doom and gloom.


While some science fiction offers terrifying visions of the future, it’s not all foreboding doom and gloom. Some books can be downright hilarious in their parodies of contemporary society and depictions of totally unhinged astronauts. We’re all familiar with Douglas Adams’ classic comedic Hitchhiker’s Guide series, but here are 13 other hilarious books you might not have read yet that will satisfy both your cravings for alternative universes and alien lifeforms, as well as for humor.


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To Say Nothing of the Dog

By Connie Willis

This Victorian, sci-fi, time-traveler comedy introduces readers to Ned Henry, who must go back in time with a fellow time traveler to stop history from being permanently altered.


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Year Zero

By Rob Reid

An entertainment lawyer is pulled into a universe-spanning copyright infringement case after two aliens inform him that extraterrestrials are utterly obsessed with American pop songs.


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By Alan Foster

An alien race attempts to settle on a new planet, only to discover it’s already inhabited by a barbarous, violent creature. The planet? Earth.


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By John Scalzi

There was always that one character, on shows like Star Trek, whose only purpose was to be killed on a dangerous mission. Scalzi hilariously tells the story of one of those expendables.


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Fair Peril

By Nancy Springer

A woman living a boring, mundane life finds herself in the middle of a wild adventure after her teenaged daughter runs away with a frog prince.


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The Artificial Kid

By Bruce Sterling

On a planet where the culture is defined by the entertainment industry, (hey, sounds familiar…) a futuristic WWE-style “Combat Artist” must face his toughest battle yet after dark secrets of his past resurface.


Buy Mention My Name in Atlantis at Amazon

Mention My Name in Atlantis

By John Jakes

Jakes presents a ridiculously hilarious vision of what Atlantean society was like before it was lost forever.

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Buy Hogfather at Amazon


By Terry Pratchett

In a parallel Earth-like universe known as Discworld, the “Hogfather,” aka Santa Claus, is abducted, and it’s up to Death to take over his responsibilities.


Buy The Case of the Toxic Spell Dump at Amazon

The Case of the Toxic Spell Dump

By Harry Turtledove

A low-level bureaucrat is assigned to monitor a “toxic spell dump” site, in a world in which magic is the main source of energy.


Buy The Makeshift Rocket at Amazon

The Makeshift Rocket

By Poul Anderson

In this wacky space epic, an engineer must escape from the clutches of a revolutionary group aboard a spaceship that runs on beer.


Buy The Long Way to a Small, Angry Planet at Amazon

The Long Way to a Small, Angry Planet

By Becky Chambers

A young woman must navigate a cast of wild characters and dangerous missions after she joins the crew of a second-rate, galaxy-exploring spaceship.


Buy Dimension of Miracles at Amazon

Dimension of Miracles

By Robert Sheckley

A ordinary Earth-dweller is contacted by an alien, who informs him that he’s won the “Galactic Sweepstakes,” and escorts him into another universe.


Buy Castle Perilous at Amazon

Castle Perilous

By John DeChancie

The titular castle in this story has 144,000 doors, which open onto various different times and places. Occasionally, one might stumble through one of these doors and become a “Guest” there, as is the case with the book’s protagonists.

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