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Super-Fun SFF Spin-Offs Like Disney's A Twisted Tale Series

These sci-fi/fantasy spin-offs offer new takes on classic stories.

This collage of Disney Titles from A Twisted Tale includes A Whole New World and As Old As Time

Disney's series, A Twisted Tale, started with a simple premise. Take your favorite fairy tales and ask one question: What if? For example, what if Jafar summoned the Genie first? What if Belle’s mother cursed the Beast? That's the premise of the first book in the series, A Whole New World. Or what if Cinderella never put on a glass slipper? You can read about it in So This Is Love by Elizabeth Lim. 

With each new question, readers are sent into entire new story lines woven inside the worlds they already know and love. But spin-offs like these aren’t uncommon. While some of the more modern roots can be traced back to radio shows of the 1940s, varying spins on myths and legends have occurred naturally over time throughout history. It’s in our nature to seek beyond the borders and boundaries of what we know and search for something new. With stories, it’s only natural to look at a character in a well-known story and wonder what might have been.

If you’re looking for a new perspective on a story you think you already know, here are nine spin-offs of popular stories that will keep you reading all night long.

More SFF Spin-Offs

The Star Trek Spin-Off

Sight Unseen

Sight Unseen

By James Swallow

As political upheaval disrupts the United Federation of Planets, Admiral William Riker and his crew are in uncertain waters as roles fluctuate with changing mandates and rules. When Starfleet orders them to the edge of Federation space they’re tasked with helping the Dinac become a newly wrap-capable civilization. But when disaster strikes, the ship finds that they’ve accidentally caught the attention of a nightmare from Riker’s past. Loyalties will be tested as the fate of the galaxy hangs in the balance of new alliances against old enemies. 

The Circle Series Spin-Off



By Ted Dekker

Thomas Hunter is the supreme commander of the Forest Guard. After the Horde decimates the land of the Forest Dwellers he’s forced to lower the recruitment age of the army to sixteen years old. From thousands, four are chosen for a quest to prove their character. But when they’re intercepted, they’re given a new mission: Find the lost seven Books of History. Sworn to secrecy, they have to find the books before the Dark One because whoever holds these books controls the destiny of the worlds. 

The Star Wars Spin-Off

Star Wars Visions: Ronin: A Visions Novel (Inspired by The Duel)

Star Wars Visions: Ronin: A Visions Novel (Inspired by The Duel)

By Emma Mieko Candon

Two decades ago, Jedi clans served feuding lords. When a sect of Jedi tired of an endless cycle of violence rebelled, they became known as the Sith. After the rebellion failed, the lords united to create the Empire and the Jedi became their most loyal servants. Years later, on the Outer Rim, one former Sith wanders with a faithful droid and a lightsaber. 

He pledges no loyalty, never speaking of his past or his regrets. But as the galaxy’s cycle of violence circles closer, it becomes clear that he can’t escape his former life.

The Wizard of Oz Spin-Off



By Gregory Maguire

You’ve heard Dorothy’s side of the story, the one where she defeated the Wicked Witch of the West, freed Oz, and found her way back home to Kansas. But you know what they say: There are always two sides to every story. 

Who was this Wicked Witch? Where did she come from? And how did she get so Wicked in the first place?

The Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde Spin-Off

Nebula Award nominees

The Strange Case of the Alchemist’s Daughter

By Theodora Goss

After her parent’s deaths leave her penniless and alone, Mary Jekyll starts digging into her father’s mysterious past. One clue brings her close to his former friend and murderer, Edward Hyde. Even better, there’s a reward for finding him: One that could solve all her financial problems. 

Instead, she finds Hyde’s daughter, Diana, and then even more women. Beatrice Rappaccini, Catherin Moreau, and Justine Frankenstein are all victims of terrible experimentation. Searching for justice, they discover a secret society of crazed and immortal scientists, responsible for all their pain. Finally, the monsters have a chance to ruin the monstrous.

The Great Gatsby Spin-Off

The Chosen and the Beautiful

The Chosen and the Beautiful

By Nghi Vo

Jordan Baker has it all: money, an education, a killer gold handicap, and invitations to the most exclusive parties around. But because she’s queer, Asian, and adopted, she’s treated like an exotic attraction while the important doors stay firmly shut. Still, the world is wondrous, and through lost ghosts, infernal pacts, and elemental mysteries, Jordan can cut the paper heart out of a man—and burn it. She just has to learn how.

The Alice in Wonderland Spin-Off



By Marissa Meyer

She wasn’t always the infamous Queen of Hearts. Before Alice came to Wonderland, Catherine was a girl who dreamed of love when she caught the eye of the unmarried King of Hearts. But Cath just wants to open a bakery with her best friend. Her mother won’t hear of it—not with a crown on the line. 

And then Cath meets Jest, a court jester as handsome as he is mysterious. Despite the risk, they can’t help but fall in love, secretly, of course. But in Wonderland, magic, madness, and monsters rule. And fate has other plans for Cath.

The Pride and Prejudice and Frankenstein Spin-Off

Pride and Prometheus

Pride and Prometheus

By John Kessel

Quiet Mary Bennett was used to being overlooked. So when the young Victor Frankenstein takes an interest in her, she can’t help but fall in love. If only she realized the creature Frankenstein created was also watching, impatiently waiting for Victor to make him a mate. As Mary hopes Victor will save her from spinsterhood, she can’t help but wonder what dark secret he is keeping from her.

The Peter Pan Spin-Off

Lost Boy book cover Christina Henry

Lost Boy

By Christina Henry

Subtitled “The True Story of Captain Hook,” this book by Christina Henry positions Peter Pan's greatest enemy as his first and favorite lost boy. 

Told from the Captain's point of view, readers learn that Peter Pan might promise fun and games, but the boy who never grows up isn't as innocent as he appears…