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What Are the Rings of Power? The History and Abilities of Tolkien's 20 Rings

Everything you need to know about the rings at the center of the new TV series. 

What Are the Rings of Power
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  • Photo Credit: Amazon Studios

Who created the Rings of Power?

What are the Rings of Power?

Seven Rings for the Dwarves

Rings of Power Disa
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  • Sophia Nomvete as the dwarf princess Disa in 'The Rings of Power.'

    Photo Credit: Amazon Studios

Nine Rings for Mortal Men

Rings of Power character poster
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  • Character poster of an unidentified 'The Rings of Power' character.

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The One Ring

Celebrimbor’s Three Rings for the Elves

What Are the Rings' Powers?

The 16 Lesser Rings: Greed and Power

The Rings of Power dwarf
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  • 'Rings of Power' character poster for a dwarf.

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The Three Rings of the Elves: Healing and Preservation

The One Ring: Absolute Power and Mastery Over All