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7 Shows Like Squid Game That You'll Want to Binge

Looking for a new series? 

squid game
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When Squid Game hit Netflix September 2021, the South Korean thriller took the world by storm. 

The show follows Seong Gi-hun, who is deeply in debt. He and other contestants have the chance to win money that could change their lives, if they can survive a series of children's games. There can only be one winner, and a single misstep can result in death.

If you’ve binged the show and are looking for something to fill the void, you’ve come to the right place! We’ve rounded up seven shows like Squid Game that are just a click away.  


3 percent
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This Brazilian dystopian drama is set in a world where the majority of the population is destitute.  

600 young people from the disadvantaged Inland have the chance to complete something called “The Process”, an annual series of mental and physical tests. 

This Process has run for over a hundred years. It allows people from the Inland to move to the Offshore, where living conditions are vastly better. But only 20 of the 600 people—3%—make it through The Process. And those who don't might pay with their lives. 

Darwin’s Game

darwins game
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This anime follows 17-year-old Kaname Sodou. When he’s invited by a friend to play a mysterious mobile game called Darwin’s Game, he accepts. 

But Kaname soon learns that the game revolves around two people with supernatural powers fighting one another—and if you lose, you die. All players are given a Sigil, an evolutionary, supernatural ability. Only the most skilled of players will survive. Kaname resolves to stay alive, and to find the creators of the game.

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Alice In Borderland

alice in borderland
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  • Photo Credit: Netflix

This Japanese TV show finds a group of bored friends suddenly trapped in a parallel Tokyo and forced to play a series of deadly games. The deadliness of these games is determined randomly by playing cards. 

If a person survives their first game, they receive a visa, and the time of these visas extends as they survive more games. If a person’s visa expires, they’re removed from the game—and from life.

Dead Set

dead set
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  • Photo Credit: Netflix

This British zombie-comedy miniseries follows the inhabitants of a Big Brother-esque house. 

It's a perfectly normal season on the inside, but on the outside, the nation is dealing with the outbreak of a zombie apocalypse. The housemates have no idea that the UK—and the studio staff—are falling to a rapidly-spreading, horrifying plague.

Black Mirror

black mirror
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  • Photo Credit: Netflix

This popular anthology series revolves around a multiverse, covering genres from speculative fiction to psychological horror to science fiction. 

With over five seasons, Black Mirror's episodes explore a range of concepts, including the negative effects of technology, social media, and capitalism.

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Sweet Home

sweet home
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  • Photo Credit: Netflix

Based on a webtoon of the same name by Kim Carnby and Hwang Young-chan, Sweet Home follows Cha Hyun-soo, a high schooler who recently lost his family. 

Shortly after he moves into an apartment, he finds that the world outside of the building is falling into chaos. The people around them are becoming monsters, and Hyun-soo and his neighbors must fight to survive and maintain their humanity. 

The Purge

the purge amazon prime
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  • Photo Credit: Amazon Prime

This Amazon series is based on the popular 2013 film of the same name—with a few changes. Every year, for one day, any and all crime is legal in America for a 12-hour period. Robbery, assault, murder, all are permissible. The series follows a group of people pushing their boundaries and struggling to survive in a briefly lawless country. 

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