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Sneak Peek of Phantom Chamber (Shattered Legacy Book 2) by Andrew Rowe and Kayleigh Nicol

Get a first look at Phantom Chamber’s cover and catch up with Team Guiding Star Legacy … what’s left of it, anyway.

Cover reveal for Phantom Chamber
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Crystal Awakening, the first book of the Shattered Legacy series by Andrew Rowe and Kayleigh Nicol, sets before its heroes a near-impossible task: to scale the treacherous Tortoise Spire of Dalenos and claim its treasures. Better than any treasure is the goal that waits at the top: The goddess who can grant wishes. To reach her, the climbers must bypass dangerous creatures, mystifying illusions, and extreme elements.

Each crew comprises six professional climbers, and Team Guiding Star Legacy is two members short. Naive is the frontline fighter, Sage the strategist, Lani the healer, and Emiko the spellcaster. Without two more powerful allies, however, the mission is doomed from the start. To round out the squad, Team Guiding Star Legacy chooses fighting and stealth specialist Hane and Aldis the teleporter. While each member of the crew has their own reasons for risking their lives: wealth, fame, or favor, their fates remain tied together. 

Co-author Kayleigh Nicol says the Shattered Legacy series started with a simple question. "'What would I want to see more of?' For me, that answer was more magic, more spire climbing, and more battles! What better way to include all those elements than sending a team on a quest that takes them through each soaring spire? "

Check out the cover reveal below, and look out for Phantom Chamber when it publishes on October 17, 2023.

The Cover for Phantom Chamber

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  • Photo Credit: Podium