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These Are the Geek Socks Your Feet Deserve

Put your best foot forward with these fandom-tastic stockings.

Show your fandom love on your feet with these memorable socks, guaranteed to please your nerdy sole. No matter what fandom your heart beats for, there's a sock out there to celebrate it. 

The Portalist may collect a share of sales from the links on this page. 

Firefly Serenity Socks

geek socks

You may not be able to hop aboard the Serenity, but you can pretend to be one of the Firefly crew with this detailed pair of under-the-shoe accessories. No one can take the sky from you when you're rocking this shiny pair. 

Sailor Moon Socks

geek socks Sailor Moon

Moon power, stock up on these cute magical girl ankle socks! We can't all wear badass knee-length boots like Sailor Moon, but we like to imagine that when she was wearing those boots, she had these on underneath. Change into every member of the Sailor Team in these bad boys, and maybe you'll find yourself a part of their squad in no time. 

Dungeons & Dragons Lightning Socks

geek socks

Are you sick of trying to find a fellow Dungeon Master? Thanks to these socks, those around you will instantly know that you're more than a traditional druid. Let these electrifying socks—adorned with the classic Dungeons & Dragons logo—keep your toes toasty warm.

Magic: The Gathering logo socks

Land your best spells while wearing the coolest accessory since you got your new set of cards. These distinctive black crew socks feature the mana symbol, and are sure to bring you good fortune during all kinds of play.

Up, Up, and Vacay socks

I want to believe... in warmer toes. Scully and Mulder may be too busy to worry about personal comfort, but you don't have to be! Show off your alien-hunting abilities and government cynicism from the couch while wearing these socks. The truth is out there. And by there, we mean on your feet. 

Solar System socks

geek socks

A telescope is unnecessary when you have a view of your own feet. That's what they say at NASA, anyway. Rock Ms. Frizzle vibes with these out-of-this-world socks. Wait a second... is Pluto included here? 

Wicket socks

geek socks

For the last time, they're not teddy bears! This Ewok design will have you saying Yub Nub all day long.

Spock socks

geek socks

These incredible Spock socks will have you boldly going where you’ve never gone before. The socks have ears... need we say more? Yes, it's true. While you may not be able to get Spock's pointy ears without surgery, you can proudly wear them on your feet. Live long and hope your legs don't actually sprout Vulcan ears. 

Studio Ghibli socks

geek socks

You know how cute the characters in these movies always look? Well, we're pretty sure Kiki and Chihiro would definitely wear these socks under their animated shoes. With these cute Studio Ghibli-inspired socks, Totoro will be more like Toe-toro. Eh? Ehhhh?

Fossil socks

geek socks

The dinosaurs went extinct 66 million years ago, but we still haven't gotten over it. Dig up your dinosaur dreams while wearing these cool socks. If only dinosaurs had lived long enough to try on their own set... RIP. Bone up on your dinos with this fun, paleontology-inspired pair.

Pokemon socks

geek socks

Pokémon Go buy these socks for all of your creature-catching adventures. Would you want to be caught without these socks on? Catch ‘em all (with your feetsies). 

Published on 02 Nov 2017

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