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Cryptozoology Clothes for Monster Lovers

If you believe, wear your passions on your sleeve.

cryptozoology clothing feature

Lovers of the weird and bizarre know that the truth is out there. This October, show your passion for the beasties of cryptozoology, folklore, and urban legends with these unique clothing items—featuring two original designs by The Portalist staff! 

The Monster Squad

An original Portalist design!

cryptozoology clothes Monster Squad

So you and four monsters walk into a bar... You’re never alone when you roll with Bigfoot, Mothman, the Kraken, and the Loch Ness Monster. Show the world you want to believe with this truly unique cryptid tee. 

West Virginia Is for Mothman

An original Portalist design!


Celebrate an American urban legend with a shirt that’s sure to be a conversation starter. Let everyone know that it's Mothman, not Ant-Man. What's the difference? Mothman is a frightening and terrible omen, a precursor to disaster. Ant-Man is a tiny version of Paul Rudd. Mothman is more than just a legend, he's a lifestyle. 

The Kraken

cryptozoology clothes Kraken

Poor Kraken. All he wants to do is grasp ships in his many-tentacled embrace. Release some respect for the super-sized monster when people inevitably ask you why you would wear something so terrifying. "He just wants to be loved!" you'll tell them. Give this misunderstood sea monster a little warmth with a funny shirt.


cryptozoology clothes ogopogo

Canada: Even their monsters are nicer! Celebrate British Columbia's answer to the Loch Ness monster—Ogopogo of Okanagan Lake! Meant for the monster fans looking outside the normal monster bounds, this shirt will say that you're not like those other water creature fans, you're a cool water creature fan. 

Mothman Lisa

cryptozoology clothes Mona Lisa Mothman

Ah, Mona Lisa. The famous lady is known for her enigmatic, mysterious smile. Mothman is known for his enigmatic, mysterious appearances and premonitions of death. Together... they create the most powerful being of all: Mothman Lisa. Truly, this is the Mona Lisa as Da Vinci intended it. 


cryptozoology clothes Bigfoot

Who would win in a fight? Would it be silent but clever Chewie, or the ever-evasive giant, Bigfoot? When you put them together, you create the most powerful, hairy boy of all time. This Star Wars shirt highlights the similarities between Bigfoot and the Wookies of Kashyyyk. But unlike Chewie, I don't think Bigfoot has learned how to use a crossbow yet. 

I Want to Believe in Nessie

cryptozoology clothes Loch Ness Monster

Now here's a monster that Scully will still probably not believe in, despite almost undisputed evidence! Only Mulder will be able to crack this one. You'll be a monster smash in this X-Files / Loch Ness monster tee.