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11 Geek Christmas Sweaters to Show Off Your Nerdy Side

Cozy up with these seasonal sweaters.

geek Christmas sweaters

This winter, we’ve got you covered — literally — with funny and festive sweaters that will be a hit, whether you're celebrating over Zoom or IRL. 

From Doctor Who, to The Avengers, to Star Wars, we’ve got the perfect geek garb for you to rep your favorite series and movies. 

Spread some nerdy merriness this holiday season with these 11 geek Christmas sweaters!

Doctor Who

hilarious geek christmas sweaters doctor who

These are not your average Christmas angels. With this sweatshirt, you can show off your holiday spirit and your love of Doctor Who. Talk about a winning combination!

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Princess Leia

hilarious geek christmas sweaters princess leia

This funny, ugly Christmas sweater has the classic style, Princess Leia, and the puns to bring it all together. And what’s a better holiday wish, than hoping the Force be with someone?

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Darth Vader

hilarious geek christmas sweaters darth vader

If you would rather support the dark side at Christmas dinner, we’ve got you covered, too. This Darth Vader sweater is complete with stormtroopers and tauntauns, but its red and white pattern will also perfectly match any Santa hat. 

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Game of Thrones

hilarious geek christmas sweaters game of thrones

Though the Game of Thrones series may be over, we know your enthusiasm for it is endless. Rehash your favorite battles, plots for power, and shocking betrayals with this Seven Kingdoms sweater.

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Black Panther

hilarious geek christmas sweaters marvel avengers

Wakanda Forever! This Marvel holiday sweater features T’Challa front and center. Honor the superhero king this holiday season, with this fun Avengers sweater. 

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T-rex Arms

hilarious geek christmas sweaters t-rex arms

The comically-short arms of a t-rex and the long sleeves of a sweater do not work well together, but they definitely make us laugh. 

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Baby Yoda

hilarious geek christmas sweaters baby yoda

Wear a sweater with the adorable Baby Yoda this Christmas. The cute pop culture sensation is sure to spread some Christmas cheer to you and those you celebrate with. This is the holiday way.

Stranger Things 

hilarious geek christmas sweaters stranger things

Share your love of Stranger Things with this holiday sweatshirt. Witty and clever, this sweatshirt will definitely remind you of the Upside Down. However, we hope your Christmas lights are purely decorative this winter. 

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Computer Glitch

hilarious geek christmas sweaters computer glitch

Not feeling festive? Here's the shirt for you. We’ve finally found a 404 message we can laugh at – instead of throwing up our hands in frustration.

Shark in Outer Space

hilarious geek christmas sweaters shark in outer space

We're going to need a bigger tree.

For all the space lovers, we have a sweater that is out of this world. Or should we say fin-tastic? Either way, this funny sweater will definitely help you stand out from the rest.

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Pac-Man Video Game

hilarious geek christmas sweaters pac man video game

If you love video games, here's a classic for you. With all of the nostalgia of Christmases past and seasons gone by, this sweater will help you take it back to the days of Pac-Man