Clifford Simak quotes

“I like losers.” 

"Somewhere, he thought, on the long backtrack of history, the human race had accepted an insanity for a principle and had persisted in it until today that insanity-turned-principle stood ready to wipe out, if not the race itself, at least all of those things, both material and immaterial, that had been fashioned as symbols of humanity through many hard-won centuries."

"That was the way with Man; it had always been that way. He had carried terror with him. And the thing he was afraid of had always been himself."

Clifford Simak quotes
  • Clifford Donald SimakPhoto Credit: Wikimedia Commons

“Man was engaged in a mad scramble for power and knowledge, but nowhere is there any hint of what he meant to do with it once he had attained it. "

"Man's inability to understand and appreciate the thought and viewpoint of another man would be a stumbling block which no amount of mechanical ability could overcome.”

Clifford Simak Wonder Stories 1931
  • Simak as pictured in the sci-fi magazine Wonder Stories in 1931.Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

"Before Man goes to the stars he should learn how to live on Earth."

"Much of what we see in the universe [...] starts out as imaginary. Often you must imagine something before you can come to terms with it."

"It is we, tired and jaded from having read so much, that have lost our sense of wonder."