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YA Graphic Novels You're Sure to Love 

These enthralling stories come with exquisite artwork. 

Collage of YA Graphic Novels including After Houdini and Vei

Stories are not just an escape from mundane reality—they help us make sense of the world we inhabit and understand ourselves better. YA narratives, in particular, probe into the alienation and angst of adolescence, marked by a need for independence, questions about one’s identity, gender and sexuality, the desire to find a calling yet also fit in with normative society, as well as fear and anticipation for the future. 

By combining the written word with engaging visuals, YA graphic novels (be it memoir or fiction) explore these themes in a multifaceted way—young and older readers not only find their own experiences reflected in the striking pages, but embark on an unforgettable journey that may challenge their beliefs or offer a newer perspective on life. 

If you’re in the mood for entertaining yet deeply thoughtful narratives, add these YA graphic novels to your TBR list now!

Anya's Ghost

Anya's Ghost

By Vera Brosgol

Anya’s Ghost by cartoonist and storyboard artist Vera Brosgol is a delightful and macabre coming-of-age story that deftly probes into the anxieties of girlhood. It narrates the story of Anya who struggles to fit in with her posh classmates at a New England private school; one day, she falls into a well and finds the skeleton of a girl, reawakening the ghost of Emily who had died ninety years ago. 

Anya and Emily quickly become best friends, but soon, their friendship morphs into something else as Emily struggles to live vicariously through Anya. Spooky and stunning, Anya’s Ghost is a deeply memorable read, and in the words of Neil Gaiman, a “masterpiece."



By Suzanne Walker

If you’re in the mood for something cute and cozy with queer MCs, Mooncakes is sure to warm your heart like a tight hug. It details the wholesome friendship-to-romance between Nova Huang, a hard-of-hearing witch who works at her grandmother’s bookshop and investigates supernatural happenings in town, and Tam Lang, a non-binary werewolf. 

While the story is adorably told, the artwork is equally splendid, with cottagecore and Studio Ghibli vibes. Mooncakes definitely deserves a place on your bookshelf. 

Vei, Vol. 1

Vei, Vol. 1

By Sara B. Elfgren, Karl Johnsson

Vei is a gorgeous epic fantasy graphic narrative that has been described as “Hunger Games meets Norse mythology”.  It narrates the story of Vei, who had trained to be the strongest warrior on Jotunheim only to be cast out, and later rescued by a Viking crew. 

Then, with the aid of Loki, she finds herself competing in a grand contest with other gods, warriors and monsters for the control of Midgard—and her own life. Intense and entertaining, Vei makes for an exhilarating page-turner. 

The Well

The Well

By Jake Wyatt

Also written in a folkloric fantasy vein, The Well is a magnificently engaging story about the power of wishes, family secrets and the quiet details of rural life in an archipelago. It follows the escapades of Lizzy, a girl who is cursed by a wishing well for stealing some coins from it, as she struggles to fulfill three wishes to break free from the well’s power. 

The art is cinematic and immersive, and the story is elegantly-plotted, with a deliciously folkloric sensibility that ensures you’ll revisit The Well again and again.

Space Trash Vol. 1

Space Trash Vol. 1

By Jenn Woodall,

A standout comic, Jenn Woodall’s debut sci-fi graphic narrative unfolds on a decrepit high school atop the moon, featuring a girl gang (Stab, Uki and Una) navigating the perils and politics of high school. It’s also a charming investigation into surveillance capitalism, the fallout of space colonization and disciplinarian regimes—narrated through a decidedly “punk” lens, and invigorated with the spirit of youthful rebellion. 

The pairing of boarding school drama with a dystopian backdrop is majestically done, and the color-coordinated art has a distinctly retro flavor, making Space Trash a thoroughly unique, refreshing, and thoughtful read. 

After Houdini

After Houdini

By Jeremy Holt, John Lucas and Adrian Crossa

Over a century after his historical prime, Harry Houdni remains one of the best stage magicians and escape artist ever to have lived. The spellbinding graphic adventure After Houdini revisits his illustrious history and legacy through a new narrative—Houdini has been mysteriously kidnapped and it’s up to his estranged son, Josef to find his father. 

An escape artist himself, Josef not only has to walk the fine line between reality and illusion, but also come to terms with his father’s secrets. If you have a fondness for historical retellings with a hint of magic and suspense, After Houdini is sure to pique your interest.



By ND Stevenson

A webcomic-turned-graphic novel, Nimona details the fiercely funny and entertaining friendship that blossoms between an impulsive shapeshifter (usually disguised as a girl) who forms an alliance with the seemingly villainous Ballister Blackheart secretly plotting to destroy the corrupt Institute that had once ousted him. While Blackheart has his own code of ethics, Nimona has a lust for violence and self-appoints herself as his sidekick, ready to attack those who had wronged him. 

Engaging and endearing, Nimona delves into the fluidity of identities and blurring of boundaries, as well as how queerness has always been “otherized” and persecuted by hegemonic power structures. Critically acclaimed, Nimona was also turned into a successful animated film by Netflix and has garnered an Academy Award nomination, as well. 

Lore Olympus by Rachel Smythe

Lore Olympus

By Rachel Smythe

Lore Olympus is an ongoing romance webcomic that can be read on Webtoon (where it currently has over 1.3 billion views) or in the various collected volumes (both hardcover and trade paperback) being published by Del Rey books. Essentially, it’s a modern retelling of Persephone’s abduction by Hades—a pivotal instance from Greek mythology—framed here as less of a kidnapping and more of a personal choice on Persephone’s part. 

While Persephone and Hades are the primary characters, the story slowly expands to include the entire Greek pantheon, with the gods constantly plotting against one other, as well as the primitive world of mortals who worship them. And although sweet and cheesy at times, Lore Olympus also bravely explores the repercussions of sexual assault and childhood trauma, and depicts what supportive relationships, healing from abuse and reclaiming one’s agency may look like.