The Dark Tower Trailer Is Finally Here, Say Gawd-Bomb!

We break down the good, the bad, and the ugly from the controversial first trailer for the Stephen King adaptation.


1. Stanley Kubrick's The Shining shows up

dark tower trailer overlook
  • The OverlookPhoto Credit: Sony

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2. You can hear themes from a classic western 

3. Pennywise almost makes an appearance

dark tower trailer Pennywise
  • Jake explores some Derry-like ruins.Photo Credit: Sony

4. The iconic doors from The Drawing of the Three might play a role

the dark tower trailer doors
  • Jake is good at art. Photo Credit: Sony

5. Roland doesn't seem quite as driven to reach the Tower as readers of the book might expect

6. Who's this guy?

Dark Tower Trailer
  • Who's he?Photo Credit: Sony

7. All things serve the beam(s)

dark tower trailer beams
  • Six beams, count 'em, six!Photo Credit: Sony

8. Taheen!

Dark Tower trailer taheen
  • Some maybe-taheen.Photo Credit: Sony

9. Is that Gasher? 

10. This truly is a different time around