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Star Trek Gifts for the Trekkie in Your Life

Gift giving...the final frontier.

Star Trek gifts
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Do you have a Trekkie in your life who's hard to shop for? You'll want to say 'make it so' with these out-of-this-world Star Trek gifts. 

Transporter Coffee Mug

Star Trek gifts

Just add coffee or tea—Earl Grey, perhaps?—and watch as Kirk, Spock, Uhura, and McCoy are transported from one side of the mug to the other.

We can't teleport in real life, but this mug is almost as fun. Reviews for this mug call it "cool to watch" and "one of the best uses of heat paint I've seen." Wow, we're ordering now. 

Electronic Door Chime

Star Trek gifts

This motion-sensitive door chime is modeled after the communicator panels from Star Trek: The Original Series.  

Cell phones are so 2018. Get into the year 2371 with your new communicator. This looks cool, and any Trekkie will be excited to ring your doorbell. Now, get communicating!

Uhura Shirt

Star Trek gifts

Celebrate co-meow-nications officer Nyota Uhura with this unique tee, designed by The Portalist staff!

Why is she a cat? Because it's fun. Uhura ruled the USS Enterprise as command division officer, and then as the head of the Communications Department. While she puts up with a lot of shenanigans on the ship, did you know that she's fluent in Swahlili and can run the hundred meter dash in record time? President Obama even admitted to having a crush on her growing up. 

Captain Kirk Apron

Star Trek gifts

Boldly go and make some dinner with this Captain Kirk apron. 

He's one of the most highly decorated starship captains in the history of time, but he also makes a mean steak. He has to woo the ladies somehow! Good looks don't stick around for long, but the ability to cook lasts forever. 

Starfleet Academy Tee

Star Trek gifts

Class of 2258, represent! 

If knowledge come from the stars, then you'll definitely be shining in this shirt. Join your fellow alumnae in this bad boy while you compare test scores and Starfleet adventures. Brag about your time on the Starfleet wrestling team, but make sure you're not one of those people that peaks at the academy! 

Star Trek Cardigan

Star Trek gifts

Subtly celebrate your inner Trekkie with a ‘Picardigan’ fit for a captain.

We can definitely imagine Jean-Luc Picard cozying up for a cup of tea and some Shakespeare in this little number. Picard received high praise for acting as one of the most celebrated Starfleet officers of all time. Join him for that tea in a matching sweater — we're sure he'll love the company. 

Spock Pillow

Star Trek gifts

Sleep is the key to living long and prospering. 

Vulcans can go without sleep for as long as two weeks, but we don't recommend that for you. Since Spock was half-human and half-Vulcan, does that mean he can only stay awake for a week at a time? Does sleeping on your side hurt with pointed ears? So many questions. We'll keep you updated. In the meantime, take a nap on this Star Trek themed pillow case.