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Revenge Stories in SFF Like The Ever King by LJ Andrews

These revenge stories are best served cold.

The cover of He Who Drowned the World depicts ships at sea in blue and gold

Last year, the world was taken to the Ever Kingdom. It’s a world filled with pirates, fae, sirens, and Vikings where a dark romance dictates the fate of the kingdom. Fans of LJ Andrews will recognize a lot of this world because it's a continuation of the Broken Kingdoms series, though this series can be read separately and independently. 

While the Broken Kingdoms explored the North, South, East, and West, The Ever Seas takes us to the ocean, where pirates and Vikings engage in a fierce battle of revenge. (There’s also a dark romance at the center of it all, but that's for a different sort of article.)

The Ever King (The Ever Seas Book 1)

The Ever King (The Ever Seas Book 1)

By LJ Andrews

The Ever King follows the story Erik, the scarred king. Years ago, a man killed his father and banished Erik to the depths of the sea, trapped in his own realm. Ever since, he’s only dreamed of revenge. But when his enemy’s daughter accidentally breaks the chains, she becomes his unwitting pawn. 

He’ll do whatever it takes to get back what he lost … unless she steals his heart and changes his mind.

More Books Like The Ever King

Love may conquer all, but revenge is also a powerful motivator. It drives people into situations they would normally stay out of, clouds their judgement, and plays with their emotions. That’s what makes it so much fun to read. Here are seven addictive revenge stories like The Ever King.



By Ben Bova

Mercury is a rocky, barren world. And the sun scorches the surface. Saito Yamagata thinks the planet is ideal for powering starships launching into deep space. Astrobiologist Victor Molina believes life exists in the water at the poles. And Bishop Eliot Danvers was sent to keep an eye on Molina. 

All three are connected in ways none of them can fathom. It all goes back to when Mance Bracknell’s space elevator collapsed decades ago. But Mance knows how their histories are entwined, and he’s ready to exact his revenge.

Cold Counsel

Cold Counsel

By Chris Sharp

In the middle of the worst storm ever seen is Slud of Blood Claw Clan, Bringer of Troubles. His father, chief of the clan, inspired by his son’s birth, rallied the remaining trolls and marched to war. Their goal: Take back the mountain from the goblins. 

But the elves remembered the age of the giants, and they refused to see the lesser-giants regain power. They slaughtered all except two. Aunt Agnes managed to save young Slud and hide for decades. In that time, she honed him into a weapon. 

Now it’s time for revenge.

Medusa Uploaded

Medusa Uploaded

By Emily Devenport

Oichi’s senses are controlled by the Executives. Her voice. Her life. And then they gave the order to shoot her out of an airlock when they suspect she’s an insurgent. She’s rescued by a Medusa AI unit who teaches her the truth: the Executives are not who they say. Armed with the truth and officially dead, Oichi bonds to the AI when she sees the chance to make life better for everyone on board. 

With each assassination, she turns into the insurgent she was once accused of being. And as she exacts her revenge, she stumbles onto a shocking truth behind the starship that is their home.

cover of some desperate glory, blonde white woman stands between golden doors with embellishments in a uniform

Some Desperate Glory

By Emily Tesh

Kyr has trained her entire life for the day she can exact revenge against the beings that murdered Earth. She lives with the vestiges of humanity in the bowels of Gaea Station, readying herself to face the all-powerful, reality-shaping weapon that allowed the Majoda to destroy their planet. 

But when she’s assigned to the nursery despite being the best warrior of her generation, Kyr decides to take matters into her own hands. She escapes everything she’s ever known and heads into a universe more complicated and wondrous than she ever imagined.

A Tempest of Tea by Haesah Faizal

A Tempest of Tea

By Hafsah Faizal

Criminal mastermind Arthie Casimir collects secrets. Every night, her tearoom transforms into an illegal bloodhouse, welcoming the vampires everyone else fears. When her business is threatened, she’s forced to make a deal with a less than savory adversary. To protect her teahouse and stop the threat, she has to infiltrate the heart of vampire society. 

She can’t do it alone, but finding a crew you can trust is tricky. Especially when they have motives all their own. Soon, Arthie finds herself surrounded by troubles and conspiracies. She’ll do whatever it takes to save the world she’s worked so hard to build, even as the truth threatens to shatter it completely.

The cover of He Who Drowned the World depicts ships at sea

He Who Drowned the World: A Novel

By Shelley Parker-Chan

Zhu Yuanzhang tore southern China away from Mongol control. Now, she seeks to crown herself emperor. Only, in the south, Madam Chang wants to put her husband on the throne, and she’s strong enough to do it. 

Zhu’s only chance is to ally herself with General Ouyang, who sacrificed everything for revenge against the Great Khan. But none of them see the scorned scholar Wang Baoxiang and his lethal court games. He wants the throne too. It’s the only way he can bring the empire to its knees and exact revenge against his family who loved their Mongol values more than him.

The Water Outlaws by S. L. Huang

The Water Outlaws

By S. L. Huang

Expert arms instructor Lin Chong trains the Emperor’s soldiers. She doesn’t get caught up in the unequal hierarchies or Imperial values, choosing to keep her head down and do her job until a man with a vendetta takes it all away. Marked as a criminal, disgraced, and on the run, Lin Chong is recruited by the Bandits of Liangshan. 

They may be murderers, thieves, and cutthroats, but they believe in free-thinking, justice, and equality for everyone. Individually, they inflict damage across the Empire. But together, they just might have the strength to tear it down.