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Night Train to Rigel: Space Travel Has Never Been So Cool

When an ex-spy receives a ticket aboard a galactic train, he's tasked with preventing the outbreak of a devastating space war.

night train to rigel
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  • Photo Credit: Mathew Schwartz / Unsplash

Disgraced but talented spy Frank Compton has just received a new job when another opportunity presents itself. Unfortunately, that opportunity is presented by a messenger who dies in front of him—but considering Frank’s limited career prospects, beggars can’t be choosers.

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  • There are five novels in the Quadrail series, which all follow Frank Compton as he goes head to head with space baddies.

    Photo Credit: Mathew Schwartz / Unsplash

After searching the dead man’s pockets, Frank discovers a Quadrail ticket that has been ordered on his behalf. As the revolutionary train system that connects the galaxy's twelve empires, the Quadrail promises the adventure of a lifetime—one that Frank simply can't resist (think of it as the Orient Express in space). Soon, he’s leaving Earth behind, bound for the stars and whatever awe-inspiring wonders they hold. But though Frank's ticket indicates he'll be traveling to Yandro—a controversial human colony that is, coincidentally, connected to his career woes—his trip takes an unexpected detour. A “Girl” starts shadowing him on board, and she delivers a summons from the aliens who manage the Quadrail’s operations...They're known as the Spiders, and they're in desperate need of Frank's services.

The Spiders' enemy wants to sneak battleships through the train system, which may result in a full-blown war. Will Frank step up to the challenge, team up with “the Girl,” and save the Quadrail, the galaxy, and humanity from a violent doom? Frank's acceptance of the mission jump-starts a rip-roaring quest full of action, alien villains, and badassery that author Timothy Zahn continues in four other Quadrail novels. Read on for an excerpt in which Frank first meets the Spiders and learns of the danger that awaits him.

Click here to read an excerpt of Night Train to Rigel, and then download the book.

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Featured photo: Mado El Khouly / Unsplash