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Live Like a Vulcan, Love Like a Wookiee, Laugh Like a Hobbit Is the Fandom Book You’re Looking For

This pop-culture fueled fable is a comforting, quirky adventure. 

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Like the king of Gondor or a Jedi master, after over a year of coronavirus-related cancellations, major in-person conventions are set to return. But San Diego Comic Con and New York Comic Con 2021 are still months away, and it’s been too long since us geeks have been able to get together to celebrate the pop culture we love. 

If you’re missing the friendships you usually make or sustain at cons, then Robb Pearlman’s upcoming book Live Like a Vulcan, Love Like a Wookiee, Laugh Like a Hobbit: Life Lessons from Pop Culture is the ideal antidote.

The entertaining read hits shelves October 5th, 2021, and follows an unnamed, shy con attendee. In search of sustenance, he finds a 'tavern' near his hotel, and meets a fellowship that he never expected: a Vulcan, a Wookiee, and a hobbit

Together with a wise Elder, our hero and the trio of convincing cosplayers discuss the A-Zs of pop culture as they wait for their waiter.  Want to know what Jaws has to say about the importance of vulnerability? These geeks get into it. Have thoughts on what Goonies demonstrates about unions? The nerds of Live Like a Vulcan know all about that, too. Like The Canterbury Tales meets con culture, this tale of five travelers explores everything from Battlestar to Blade Runner to Batman.

Plus, Live Like a Vulcan has surprisingly heartfelt insights into what the current generation of geeks can learn from pop culture. It’s tempting to compare Pearlman's book to Ernest Cline's bestselling Ready Player One, since both are packed with encyclopedic references to properties of the 80s, 90s, and beyond. But Live Like a Vulcan is a gentler and more thoughtful read, with reflections on mental health, gatekeeping in fandom, and the impact of the patriarchy on pop culture. 

New York Times-bestselling author Pearlman is a wizard when it comes to examining how pop culture shapes people. In addition to his upcoming book Star Trek: Starfleet Is . . . : Celebrating the Federation’s Ideals, Pearlman has also penned a Star Trek fitness guide (Body by Starfleet!) and numerous inclusive books aimed at younger readers, such as Dolls and Trucks are for Everyone

In Live Like a Vulcan, he combines humor and insight with an endless stream of geek Easter eggs. The result is a book that’ll make you more excited than ever for conventions to return IRL. If you're ready to stop being an NPC in your own life, to harness the Force of friendship, and to tackle new challenges—even when you do not know the way—then Pearlman's upcoming book is what you're looking for. 

So pack a con bag, plan your cosplay, and return to the joy of fandom with Live Like a Vulcan, Love Like a Wookiee, Laugh Like a Hobbit: Life Lessons from Pop Culture.

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