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Buy The Punch Escrow at Amazon

The Punch Escrow

By Tal M. Klein

Buy After On at Amazon

After On

By Rob Reid

Buy The Waking Land at Amazon

The Waking Land

By Callie Bates

Buy The Bloodprint at Amazon

The Bloodprint

By Ausma Zehanat Khan

Buy Gilded Cage at Amazon

Gilded Cage

By Vic James

Buy Strange Weather at Amazon

Strange Weather

By Joe Hill

Buy The Girl in the Tower at Amazon

The Girl in the Tower

By Katherine Arden

Buy The Book of Swords at Amazon

The Book of Swords

By Gardner Dozois (Editor)

Buy Reincarnation Blues at Amazon

Reincarnation Blues

By Michael Poore

Buy Armistice: The Hot War at Amazon

Armistice: The Hot War

By Harry Turtledove