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Free Sci-Fi and Fantasy Books to Read in April 2024

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When today’s top science-fiction and fantasy authors look for inspiration, they turn to the classics. We continue reading those same books (year after year) because they stand the test of time. For a limited time, you can download these beloved science fiction and fantasy books for free!

The House on the Borderland

The House on the Borderland

By William Hope Hodgson

“A classic of the first water.” —H. P. Lovecraft

In rural Ireland, two travelers stumble upon the ruins of a lakeside home. Inside, they discover a diary detailing the terrible final days of a man known only as the Recluse. A scholar who bought the house for its isolation, the Recluse is plagued by strange sounds and terrible hallucinations soon after he moves in. He dreams of an eerie “Plain of Silence,” where a jade-green version of the house is surrounded by ominous mountains populated with mythical beasts and gargantuan monsters. Exploring a nearby ravine known locally as the Pit, the Recluse and his loyal dog, Pepper, are attacked by a creature that appears to be half human and half swine. A fantasy reunion with his long-lost lover proves that the house has powers beyond the Recluse’s comprehension. And just when he thinks that the horror is finally over, the real nightmare begins.

Dripping with tension and atmosphere, The House on the Borderland is a landmark of supernatural horror and one of the scariest stories ever told.

The King in Yellow

The King in Yellow

By Robert W. Chambers

This classic mind-shattering tale, which “ranks high among the horror stories of the English language,” plunges into the darkness of the Cthulhu mythos (Time).

In the uncharted wastes of Antarctica, an exploration party from Miskatonic University encounters a gory sight when they discover their advance team’s camp has been destroyed and its members slaughtered. There is no evidence of what happened except a series of burial mounds, six of which contain dead specimens of unknown species. Eight similar tombs are empty, but they haven’t been broken into—they’ve been broken out of.

What began as a search for knowledge soon becomes a terrifying confrontation with the true nature of the world and the universe in all its stark blackness and unyielding oblivion. For mankind is not—and never has been—the bright light of creation. It’s all a mistake, an insignificant stain of existence, forgotten by an unwitting and indifferent creator . . . until now.



By Thea von Harbou

The classic twentieth-century science fiction novel by the screenwriter of the Fritz Lang film, the famed director’s wife and collaborator.

A divided twenty-first-century city sets the stage for this novel of a future dystopia. While the wealthy live in a decadent playground of sex and drugs, workers toil underground operating the machines that keep the city running.

When Freder, the son of the leader of Metropolis, sees the horrific conditions the workers are exposed to, he becomes disillusioned with his father’s vision and captivated by a woman named Maria who is fighting for unity among the classes. Desperate to maintain the status quo, Freder’s father unleashes a robot that looks like Maria to wreak suspicion and doubt and crush the rebellion, a move that puts Freder and the real Maria’s love—and lives—at risk.

The Maracot Deep

The Maracot Deep

By Arthur Conan Doyle

A team of deep-sea explorers discovers an underwater society and more in this thrilling adventure from the creator of Sherlock Holmes.

Professor Maracot organizes an expedition to examine the area surrounding the deepest pit in the Atlantic Ocean and catalogue wildlife. But a terrifying attack changes the group’s plans, cuts them off from the surface, and sends them plummeting into the abyss. A world of surprises awaits them at the bottom of the ocean, including survivors of the lost civilization of Atlantis, fascinating technology and ruins, amazing creatures, and even the face of evil itself . . .