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Purr-fect Cat Shirts for Geeks

Calling all cat lovers!


We at The Portalist love sci-fi, fantasy, and felines. Thankfully, those loves aren't mutually exclusive! There are lots of clothing options out there that allow you to express your devotion to cats and fandom at the same time. 

Below are eight cat shirts that feature feline versions of your favorite fandom characters and geeky obsessions, from Hamilton to Harry Potter. Check out these unique designs right meow — then take these kitties home! 

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Catnip Everdeen T-Shirt


cat shirts for geeks Catnip Everdeen

May the paws be ever in your favor with this fabulous Hunger Games design from The Portalist's staff. Never choose between celebrating Katniss and cats again. 

Cat-lo Ren T-Shirt


cat shirts for geeks Cat-Lo Ren

Let the furr-ce awaken with this feline version of the fiery Kylo Ren. This Portalist original design will have you embracing your inner Star Wars villain and wanting to join the dark side.

Aaron Purr T-Shirt


cat shirts for geeks Aaron Purr Hamilton

Introducing Aaron Purr, sir! This Portalist design is as inimitable and original as the founding-father-without-a-father himself. You'll probably want to buy it ASAP and not "wait for it," because Hamilton fans take their merch seriously.

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Harry Pawter T-Shirt


cat shirts for geeks Harry Pawter

What could be more Hogwarts than a black cat in a Gryffindor scarf? Harry Pawter is the cat who lived, nine times, and he's here to stay in this shirt designed by The Portalist staff. 

Chewbacca T-Shirt


cat shirts for geeks Chewbacca

Let the Wookie—and yourself—win with this distinctive design from The Portalist staff. You'll want to grab this shirt, because if not, you'll be screaming "AAARARRRGWWWH" and wishing you had.

Nyota Uhura T-Shirt 


cat shirts for geeks Nyota Uhura

Comeownications officer Nyota Uhura, reporting for duty in this Portalist-designed shirt. You'll be hailing on all frequencies in this distinctive look. 

Mischief Managed T-Shirt


cat shirts for geeks mischief managed Harry Potter

Honor the furry marauder in your life with a mischievous Harry Potter shirt. 

Lying Cat T-shirt


cat shirts for geeks lying cat Saga

Call out liars, cheaters, and swindlers with a shirt featuring Lying Cat from the epic sci-fi comic Saga

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Featured image: Susan Morrissey

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