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N.K. Jemisin Will Adapt Her Broken Earth Trilogy Books for the Big Screen

The Stillness is coming to a theater near you. 

Broken Earth adaptation

N.K. Jemisin’s The Broken Earth Trilogy will be adapted for the big screen by TriStar Pictures and Sony Pictures Entertainment. Jemisin announced the news on Twitter on June 4th, adding “Please also note: 'The author will adapt the books herself.'"

Broken Earth is a science fantasy trilogy set on a supercontinent called the Stillness. The Stillness faces a cataclysmic climate change every few hundred years, known as the Fifth Season. The series is told from various points of view and in different points in the Stillness’ history, and consists of The FIfth Season, The Obelisk Gate, and The Stone Sky.

The fact that Jemisin is adapting the material for the screen herself will likely be a relief to many fans. The Broken Earth Trilogy has sold millions of copies and has a devoted fan base. Jemisin made SFF history with this series when she became the first author to ever win the Hugo Award for Best Novel three years in a row, and for each book in a series.

There was news about a television series for The Fifth Season in 2017, shortly after the final book in the trilogy was released. However, after that initial announcement, there was little news on the project. 

The Broken Earth Trilogy isn’t the first of Jemisin’s works slated for adaptation. It was announced earlier this year that The Inheritance Trilogy would also be adapted into a television series.

In the meantime, Jemisin heads can learn more about the author's process through her new online MasterClass

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